• Blood remaster in development by Nightdive
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237011/58ffca27-d47d-4bb3-937a-d416503e13ab/image.png Blood, one of the leading games in a crop of late-’90s first-person shooters, is set to be updated and re-released by Atari, with developer Nightdive Studios handling the game’s restoration. Nightdive’s revamp of Blood will look much like its original version, similar to the studio’s other remasters. Blood set to return in remaster of gory ’90s shooter Atari Reviving Classic 90's Shooter Blood https://gematsu.com/2018/12/horror-first-person-shooter-blood-remaster-announced-for-pc On one hand BloodGDX is pretty good but probably can't beat a proper modern source port, either way I'm happy.
Oh man, this was literally my favorite fps of 2.5D fps era. This game is still a blast today.
oh fuck yeah.
Fuck yeah Blood is amazing and blows every other FPS during that era out the water. Hopefully the creator of the Deathwish updates it so we can play it in this new version when it comes out.
I wonder how many trailers full of money Nightdive parked in front of Atari's offices to finally convince them this was a good idea.
I'm confused, would that be a bad price or good price in your mind? Depending the work put into it, $20 would be fine with me.
We don't know if Atari has given Nightdive access to the original Blood source code. From what we've seen of Blood EX so far, this is based partially on reverse engineering and partially on reprogramming "by sight". Thus, this is a recreation largely from scratch, not a source port, similar to what the late Powerslave EX was. BloodGDX, on the other hand, can be called a source port as it's based directly upon the leaked alpha source code with the missing elements from later patches reverse engineered in.
$20 is asking too much for these remasters. Plus, Nightdive has the bad habit of changing gameplay elements that don't need changing.
I've been asking for it for years and here we are.
My dream is that one day Blood will receive the new Doom and Wolfenstein treatment.
About time, Blood was pretty much the best game on the Build Engine.
Was Blood the one with all the obnoxious hands? If so that's fantastic.
I hope its as solid as Dusk is tbh
Just following up on this point, we have confirmation that Nightdive did not receive Blood's source code from Atari. https://twitter.com/SVKaiser/status/1071146867650641920 It's seeming more and more likely that Atari doesn't have the rights to the game's source code. Hence, this is not a source port. It's a recreation on a different engine being built from scratch to act like the original game.
It's reasonable for the amount of work that is put into the remaster, but in this case I have to agree that it would not be reasonable in terms of how much value the customer gains from the purchase. The original is currently selling for 5$. If you buy that, download BloodGDX and copy the files over, you get a pretty similar experience, safe for some minor differences, but for 15$ less. With the other games (Turok, Forsaken, even Powerslave) a remaster on PC makes more sense because in those cases the original PC versions were heavily downgraded compared to the console versions.
likewise for quake.
Heh, I remember Devolver had an interest in the Blood IP a few years ago, guess they didn't get it if Nightdive is working on it now.
Don't forget that BloodEX was developed by svkaiser, same dude behind most the "EX" stuff, who also works at Nightdive. Anyway, I wonder what's the hold up on turok 3/rage wars, I'm assuming its IP related because of the internal similarities to turok 2. I'm probably biased based off my own reversing projects (specifically on the series anyway)
Good. Now make a sequel that ignores the second game.
What second game?
Oh shit, about time Blood makes a come back. Its weapons and mechanics along with its tight gameplay loop still makes it one of the best old-school FPS games to revisit, in my opinion.
next you'll tell me there was a postal 3, doom 3, or diablo 3
OH MY GOD FUCK YES i fucking love this goddamn game holy shit
Also as an awesome surprise, Caleb's VA appeared in the final chapter of DUSK. Hes still got that creepy voice.
Why did you spoiler this for everyone when it's a surprise?
Considering i thought i did spoiler it but double clicked on my phone, it was an accident.
To be fair, the only game out of the ones you listed (including Blood 2) that is objectively bad is Postal 3. Blood 2 suffered from A TON of technical issues but aside from that, I'd say that it's a fun shooter with a slightly more comical approach to the atmosphere, but it's still a really brooding and dark game.
Well, I cannot verify that they exist. I can atleast show you a wiki article. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_II:_The_Chosen
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