• [UK] Scottish chip shop offering up a deep-fried Christmas supper
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Mushrooms taste good, but they have an awful texture that's basically rubber. They're really only good in meals where you can taste them without needing to chew them.
Because they're slimy and taste like actual dirt.
I like Brussel sprouts but has to have gravy otherwise it's like chips without sauce, need something to make them taste better
What is people's opinion on Broccoli?
If they feel like rubber you are doing something wrong.
"My theory is that all Scottish cuisine is based on a dare."
you are supposed to cook the mushrooms
Or just sliced in half and oven roasted/bbq'd in olive oil, then tossed/dipped in balsamic vinegar, garlic, and honey. Only way I like my brussel sprouts.
When we have Christmas dinner, my mum makes breaded Mushrooms that she picked herself. They taste great.
It happens when other people make them too Last time I went to this local Irish restaurant and had cream of mushroom soup, it was absolutely delicious until I got down to the bottom of the bowl and found a dozen whole mushrooms lurking there that genuinely felt like dog toys to chew
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