• Valve on future Artifact updates: 'We're in this for the long haul"
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https://www.gameinformer.com/2018/12/11/valve-on-future-artifact-updates-were-in-this-for-the-long-haul In addition to announcing a couple of good quality-of-life features for its card game Artifact, Valve has also stated it plans to continue improving the game "for the long haul," despite rumblings about it not finding as large an audience as some might like. Valve released Artifact on November 28 after a short beta period, and while the initial positive reviews (including ours) and influx of players was promising, its playerbase has tapered off some since release. As of this writing, it's sitting at a 24-hour peak of about 13,000 players, according to Steam's own numbers. This puts it well behind Valve's other major  multiplayer games on the service, which range from having peaks of nearly 650,000 (Counter-Strike: Global Offense) and 60,000 (Team Fortress 2). It more closely aligns it with smaller- but-still-ongoing multiplayer games like Payday 2, Terraria, and Brawlhalla. While that lower-than-expected turnout for the game might be cause for concern about the game's longevity, Valve has stated Artifact isn't going anywhere soon. It recently announced a pair of quality-of-life updates for the game, including the ability to chat with your opponent mid-match and new colorblind options. It also announced there were several other updates planned for the game over the next couple of months. "We're in this for the long haul," the company said on its official Twitter feed.
I said this in the other artifact thread but the fact they even need to clarify this isn't exactly a good sign. D-Dont worry everyone! We're still working on this game! Even though uh, even though no one is playing it!
Valve also messed up today and accidentally put Artifact in the Valve Complete Pack https://twitter.com/PlayArtifact/status/1072889357831307264
"Reddit panic" more like "celebration"
More people are playing L4D2 than Artifact
It's a shame that they're making so much bank that they'll learn absolutely fucking nothing if Artifact truly flops.
This right here is why its really fucked up that Valve isn't just pumping out experimental games and ideas. There's no risk at all for them.
fuckin doubt it unless they pull another classic EA and reduce monetization, put it on sale regularly, then start creeping mtx back in once more people are playing and controversy has died down
And they totally could too, except for the fact that their employees act like it's middle school and if you aren't doing what the cool kids want then you can pack up your desk and go home. What a waste of such a unique opportunity and talent.
Though I think the main difference between valve devs and the developers that Microsoft owns is that the developers owned by Microsoft actually want to make games
We're in this for a long time, not a good time.
At this point im not sure i'd give it a go even if it was the exact model hearthstone follows. What irks me is that the game screen itself has very clearly been designed with microtransaction cosmetics in mind, im of the opinion that this is all planned and that they will definitely move to a F2P model in about a year and then suddenly all these cosmetic choices will magically pop up as if they were there from the start.
You know, I've never thought about it that way before - and now I am extra sad.
I mean CSGO was really down in the dumps even compared to CSS on launch, and CSS was -hated- by the core professional career scene. I don't doubt their ability to turn the game into something with mass appeal over time, though that doesn't mean I support Artifact at all.
Wasn't something similar said about Battleborn before it went free to play got an indefinite free trial period?
if only they had the same mindset for the games that got them where they are today
If Artifact never recovers, I expect another massive layoff at valve.
I hate the thought of people losing their jobs, but maybe that will finally weed out some of the parasites that are ruining the place.
If Gabe uses this as an excuse to fire all the cult leaders/managers in everything but name, that would be great, yes. But I fear what may happen instead is that he fires everyone else involved in Artifact - which is seemingly the majority of their developers not working on existing games - and Valve switches into full-time maintenance mode.
It's a shame valve won't do anything with the series that have been around for over 10 years but have a higher player count than artifact. l4d2 hasn't had a substantial update in ages and it's had a consistent player count for so long, and don't even get me started on tf2.
I'm kinda torn on this because on one hand if Valve wises up and drops this game like it's the hot garbage it actually is that might mean they're actually learning from their mistakes, but at the same time not doubling down like this would just salt the wounds of every sucker who bought Artifact to begin with.
I remember thinking, believing, that we were going to see a Left 4 Dead 3 announced at some point...before Artifact was officially revealed. Left 4 Dead 3 almost seems as remote and unlikely to happen as Half Life 3. Almost. But I have zero hope or expectation lately in Valve to release anything I care about; and that hurts a bit to say.
I'd love to see a group of people get together and play Half-Life 2: Deathmatch so it appears that even that game seems to have more players than Artifact.
Jingle a couple of car keys in front of the artifact team and it will never update again jingle jingle
wait Wait wait Wait WAIT Did valve just make an impromptu public statement addressing concerns about one of their games? For the first time in like forever? For a fucking cardgame?
Thats how you know they're feeling the heat.
Their Artifact twitter has been pretty active for a while.
I would support this notion My dad doesn't play any other game than Half life 2 deathmatch, he gets home from works and hops on to the only server that has playable ping in the UK for a couple hours. He doesn't want a game with more complicated controls than his favourite game ever, HL2. His steam profile: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/216462/d751005c-7b16-4044-a511-23fe49ac10d1/image.png I'd love to see his reaction
The game peaked at 10,200 players today.
Well that's unfortunate.
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