• Win 10 still sends your data to microsoft even if you tell it not to.
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Hey at least I can tell them I can upgrade their RAM, rather than saying "Sorry, your stuck with 3 GB because math". No matter how satisfying it is that the higher ups have to suck it up with less than optimal employee performance because they kept putting off upgrading to a 32 bit app, let alone web.
The only thing holding Linux back at this point is the combination between a of a lack of users and lack of compatible software, and they're connected. The userbase is relatively small because the list of compatible "mainstream" software is also small, the list of compatible software is small because the userbase is small, and so the vicious cycle continues. A lot of people also like to complain that Linux is too complicated, and I'd ask them to give it a second chance, a lot has happened in the past five years even, and a modern version of a distro designed to be user-friendly such as Mint isn't really a whole lot harder to use than Windows. Anecdotal evidence and all, 100% of my PC-using 50-70 year old computer-illiterate relatives have been on Mint for the past 4-2 years and they're all really happy with it. The only reason why basic users who only use their computer to check their facebook, emails, youtube, and pay their bills (unless they're already on a tablet) aren't using Linux is because they simply haven't heard of it. If they knew that they could save money and still get an equivalent (or actually better) experience by just saying fuck you to Microsoft I bet a whole lot more of them would become interested
Linux has a ton of awful design decisions to deal with before it ever becomes mainstream.
Linux is just the kernel, whatever runs above that is entirely dependant on the kind you wish to install
They knew even before you downloaded it off the internet.
I'm very well aware of how Linux works. That doesn't change the fact it has a ton of terrible design decisions, namely it's filesystem.
I actually wouldn't mind trying Linux some day but alot of my retro games don't work with linux or involve using wine which I just don't feel like learning to use.
Wine is very easy to use (there are a bunch of front ends if you want it even easier), most older games will also work with minimal effort. Although modern games, VR and software support is still poor or non-existent. GPU passthrough is a more viable choice for gaming on Linux but it can be difficult to setup.
Proof positive you have no idea what you're talking about.
i work IT for a fortune 7 pharmacy company. if you're an american in this thread and have filled a prescription before, your PHI is probably in our system really fun factoid: we migrated to win10-based infrastructure and the APIs i use daily to pull PHI/HIPAA-protected information all have broken HTTPS certs :^)))))))
"you're wrong and here's 0 reasons why"
Let's start with Linux is a kernel and "filesystem" is irrelevant because it can be whatever you want.
Well I made a huge reply giving a list of reasons but when I hit reply, FP's editor ate all of it. I don't really care to list all the examples again, but here are a few google topics: swappiness, its scheduler, ioctl, pthreads using clone, the filesystem being so ingrained that to list processes you have to parse a text file, the poor implementation of virtual io devices such as the proc fs (a lot of operations have nothing more than read() io op defined), etc. fp pls whys your editor so bad
It hurts because it’s true. RAM prices don’t help either.
Whoops, looks like you confused an easily swapped out component with Unix architecture.
Now everyone knows, so you're doing a good job of hiding it.
Don't alot of servers also run on Linux or was that in the past?
They're the vast majority.
Jesus Christ that’s depressing
I'm a federal investigator, and we use Win10, our IT dept had a field day with the upgrade, but apparently our version of Win10 is gutted, and blocks all the nonsense calls home. Shit like cortana doesn't exist in our version of Win10, and just about all the outgoing shit is blocked, but I never peeled it apart. Knowing our IT though, it's probably pretty well secured cause they're actually kinda decent, so I'd expect any corporation with a decent IT department could keep their stuff locked down.
Sure, yeah and case insensitive NTFS is so much better ain't it, totally doesn't create naming structure problems or have inferior storage qualities as it hasn't really been updated in decades to help improve its performance or underlying flaws. Back on topic, MS will keep denying it but they farm data even if you say no. Always have, always will and they'll loophole themselves out of the argument.
I'm not surprised at this news at all. I have had to disable Cortana probably around 14 or 15 times. Even in the GPedit, the bitch still resurrects herself and toggles access to my microphone. I'm really not a fan of all this, it feels like just about every company out there is more than ready to stab us in the back for profit, and hearing that Alexa's are being used as evidence in courtcases because they literally recorded every damn thing that is said, not even in the same room, but in adjacent rooms of your house and sent back to databases is absolutely horrifying. Pointing fingers at China at the moment is starting to feel a bit silly vvhen it is all happening right here literally in our ovvn homes.
again, this has nothing to do with the filesystem on disk, as I've stated a few times now but oh well, even more relevant when ext4 was initially developed outside of the kernel. But you knew that.
I mean you literally started off with "durr Linux bad" then when asked why you just said "durr filesystem" with 0 reasons why
well I made a nicely formatted list why until FP ate it, then gave a few abbreviated reasons then got flooded with dumbs. So I don't really feel incentivized to remake the list. This is my personal experience from forking the kernel for private use.
yeah hi the alexa thing was non-conclusive in the first case involved what really happens is old people think echo records everything, so they tell amazon "give us the fucking data", then amazon says "no, first amendment/privacy rights", government says "DO IT" then amazon says "ok fine here you go", but there's nothing in there unless someone said the wake word
Sure you did You mean that time you just listed a few things? That's not really giving reasons when there's no explanation attached to it, that's just listing some things and expecting people know what you're talking about
You're getting flooded with dumbs because you're making unsubstantiated claims. Something that remaking your list would help alleviate quite a lot. And you can avoid Facepunch eating your post (which is honestly not an issue I've seen since well before the migration) by simply copying it before submitting it.
WinFS wasn't a filesystem.
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