• Discord announces game store to allow self-publishing and 90/10 revenue split
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That's great news. Now developers will have more options and be able to get paid more. Good to see more competition in this space, especially after Epic announcing their store. I'm already running discord all the time anyways.
Discord already had a store, they just increased the revenue for developers
This is completely irrelevant. This is competition in a market, not competition between standards.
I think this is the death of Indie games on Steam. Why give Valve 30% when everyone else wants 10%?
why go for 90 when you can go for 100?
If you can, power to ya. That's what EA and Bethesda are doing
Costs of running your own store, maintaining it, etc. might end up costing more than 10% for a few games.
Eh, moreso developers than consumers. But there aren't a ton of downsides for consumers anyway apart from having to sign up and install multiple game services.
Itch.io already offers 10%, the reason you haven't seen developers flock over there is because their store makes Steam look like an expertly curated wonderland by comparison. If Discord is letting anyone and everyone self-publish, it'll be the same before long.
Well i'm glad that there's no restriction to uploading projects to itch.io https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/e5555894-8246-44a8-99e4-a7ff67d592ef/image.png You might be saying “well that sounds pretty risky, what if everyone sets it to 0?” We think that’s a risk we’re willing to take in the spirit of encouraging the generous and supportive community that’s already developed around itch.io. >2015
Is it possible to learn this power?
They have to benefit consumers too, otherwise they will not succeed.
Discord is literally the last platform I'd trust, their entire business is largely based around mass data collection that is practically on the same scale as Facebook.
And still not a single word on if they're going to support their game store in Linux, though it sounds like their steadfast silence is pointing strongly towards a "no".
I'm out of the loop, how much data do they collect on people compared to steam?
I wish the discord store would split from the social aspect. I don't want the bloat.
I suggest you read the privacy policies, but to summarize Discord collects and shares (sells) significantly more data than Steam, as far a privacy goes Discord is among the worst offenders.
Epic's store is heavily anti-consumer though ontop of throwing money at devs to get ludicrously long exclusive contracts.
Tbh the exclusivity deals are bullshit. It's just going to make the market more confusing.
Exclusivity deals are what ruined Sony for me this console generation. Don't follow the same suit as Epic, discord.. coughAshencough
Well, discord already had 90 day exclusives. Epic starts of with whooping 12 month exclusivity.
jesus fuck how can anyone praise anticonsumerist behavior this is how price fixing starts, how platform control starts, etc. all the problems people had with Steam -- nothing stops these platforms from doing the same if they assume a dominant position
It's a free market, at least it is becoming one now It's good to see these competing with eachother, hope GOG also does something radical to attract devs
No it isn't, its literally the opposite of a freemarket. Its actively anticonsumer.
If it's harming the market, now that we have proper competition, another store will 1up them, both in deals in regards to attracting users, and also to attracting developers, like Steam always used to do when it was the underdog.
First of all, who said anything about consoles? Second of all, they literally aren't competing, exclusivity is not how competition works. Origin and Battle.Net don't compete because they do not sell literally any of the same products. You cannot go to Battle.net and buy Sims 4 or Titanfall 2 there. Origin will never have a better deal on Overwatch than Battle.net because it literally does not sell it at all. If you want to buy Overwatch you have to do it on Activision-Blizzard's terms because its not on another platform. That is actively anti-consumer, not a freemarket, and not competition.
I wish we had something like MoviesAnywhere for games.
Discord is free to use and lets people make as many servers as they want, with nearly everyone using it now instead of things like Skype or Teamspeak/Vent/Mumble. They have to be making money somehow, and Nitro isn't going to cut it, so how else do they keep the service free?
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