• Frequent sex associated with greater enjoyment of life for men, but not women: S
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Guys just wanna nut.
For women, frequent kissing, petting, fondling, and feeling emotionally close to their partner was associated with higher enjoyment of life. Today I learned that I'm a woman (Or an outlier, but shhhhhhhh )
7,000 people, ages 50 to 89
i know im alone quit rubbing it in
Does it also mean that if you're a gay man, your enjoyment of life is much greater than the rest of the world?
Cuddling and kissing>sex Change my mind.
You can’t scream “whoopsie Doopsie here comes the good” while cuddling.
This study focused on women who can't have kids anymore. Women aren't built biologically to find real fulfillment in sex after menopause. Men are, because they're still virile their whole lives. Sure, most people don't have sex to have kids, but this outcome's practically obvious at a glance.
Yes, a study on this age group is hardly relevant for anyone here. I would move on.
Sure, but then we wouldn't get to talk about being lonely.
Well no shit, in guy's brains we have a constant thought every 5 mins going 'c'mon man, you know you wanna bust one in a hot grill' it's actually far more annoying than anything else in that I bet guys who regularly get it (or girls who don't have this problem) are able to think about more things and indeed have a better quality of life.
guys who nut frequently and get pussy have more time to think about things other than nutting or getting pussy. Sad virgins are always thinking about what they can't have, which leads them to have lower IQs
I think you folks are really stretching the theories.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure people peoople in their 20s and 30s are going to be happier when their sex drive is fulfilled, regardless of gender. If this survey was done on the 18-49 demograhic, I bet the answer would come back overwhelmingly that you can never have too much sex.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/561/f29b2378-d11d-4cbd-a356-5b07fb27a7f5/grafik.png Sauce
I only bring it up because that relatively important detail is ommitted from the headline
Weaboos also have lower IQs than normal...
found the virgin
The vague insult also doesn't really work just by making another baseless assertion just like the poster I quoted did.
Wouldn't this also hold for guys who just masturbate?
And the matter if I had sex or not is relevant to all of this, how? Doesn't make his claim any more false then it already is.
I'm pretty sure they were making a joke.
The joke flew so far over your head it went into orbit and hit the ISS, I hope you're happy.
The picture in the article, what kind of fucking sex are they having? The woman appears to be on top with her legs closed. Did she squeeze his gargantu-dick 'twixt her thighs?
I'm curious, what's it like having a brain with an event horizon?
Oh shit, I feel embarrassed, time to leave and never look back that this ever happened, here y'all have a coin for your troubles.
why not both like, have people not considered you can embrase your partner after sex or something
it's cool man, fwiw I'm a weeb virgin too.
Foreplay into sex is like, the best way to go honestly.
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