• Playtest google stream for 1 hour, and google will give you Odyssey for free.
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I've had this for a while now, I wonder if this is retroactive. I'll just play another hour just in case.
Neat. Just keep in mind: The promotion is restricted to US users, and you have until January 15th to clock your hour of play time to claim the free title
Also odyssey is worth it if you're into a more action rpg game. Just ignored what polygon said about it taking off after 20 hours, for me it was 6 hours and that was doing literally every event on the prologue before leaving the island.
Rev up them VPNs, boiz
While it's cool you can get a free game out of it, I really hope this doesn't go anywhere. The gaming industry needs to stay the hell away from (this kind of) streaming.
Fuck this game and fuck Ubisoft, I recently bought it on Uplay because it's on sale, it runs like shit on my 980, doesn't matter what settings I can't hit a stable 60 FPS worth a damn.
Better have a really good one then, latency will kill ya
You are aware the game is a massive CPU hog as well. 980s should be able to hit 60fps at max settings with a pretty heavy cpu.
Could this actually be accomplished with a VPN?
what CPU do you have. While not Odyssey, I have a 1070 and got 50ish~ average FPS in Origins on my old i5-3570k. After I upgraded from that i5 to a Ryzen 5 2600 I'm getting a steady 70+ in Origins. Basically the games require a strong CPU too.
FYI for anyone looking for a free game, Subnautica is free on the Epic Games Store until the 27th. It's well worth it.
You have to fill out a form to request beta access fyi
I liked AC Odyssey quite a bit, but it definitely gets repetitive. There's a shitload of content, but only a handful of it is really good. After a while, it just feels like you're checking off a list of things to do.
I'm using an i7 8700k, 3.70Ghz
Then its the gpu, you're running a game built for the 10xx series with a 980. The performance leap and memory upgrade with the 10s was pretty huge. And considering the scale and detail, its not surprising it has issues running on a card with only 4gb of memory.
I don't want streaming to be the future of video games. I hate this big push in the entertainment industry to remove ownership from consumers. It's like they want people to pirate things
I'm running the AMD equivalent of a 970 and I'm getting solid 60fps with a ryzen 1600, it might just be your settings because your specs are better than mine yet I have no issues.
I did have a fucking 1080ti before it died on me recently because fuck me. I set it to the High Preset which is either High or Medium, yet the framerate wasn't that stable, it'd have a high of like 104 or something but I think that was at the start of the Benchmark, with a low of like 28, average being about 55 or so, but if it's going to be dropping as low as 28, fuck that right off.
The benchmark is shit because it ignores a good chunk of settings, actual gameplay is much different.
I came in here expecting to read up on how to get a free copy of Mario Odyssey. Was disappointed.
I'm surprised how stable the streaming is.
I have been using project stream for awhile and i say its a worthy cheap way to PC game. can't replace playing it on your own computer tho obviously.
Has anyone else played their hour and not gotten the full game yet? Or do we not get it until the 15th when the trial is over?
you get it when its over
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