• Germany's last black hard coal mine closes
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Good, keep thermal coal in the ground where it belongs.
Afaik lignite is the least clean version of coal
The transition from dark coal to lignite won't be easy, but Germany will soon have a brown coal sector the envy of the rest of the world.
I said thermal coal, which is any coal used for energy generation. This and the brown lignin fields need to end.
They closed their last coal mine, but now they buy it from Russia and the US instead to feed their coal power plants, great success!
They're opening new brown coal mines so nothing has been achieved.
Lignite is the least efficient form of coal, it is what you burn when you don't have any better options. Not sure why they'd trade black coal mines for more brown coal mines.
Because it's far more common and can usually by open cut mined
Because they hope people will just see "closing last coal mine" instead of "closing last black, relatively clean coal mine" and they can virtue signal about how they're doing so much to help the environment when they're really just going to a more harmful alternative.
I imagine a lot of people will read "black coal" and assume it's a particularly bad form of coal.
I might later write a longer rant about the current state of the Energiewende and how absolutely fucking retarded it is, but for now I'll just quote Jürgen Trittin, the leader the German Green Party: “We can accept a temporary return to coal as an energy source to protect Germany from the environmentally destructive atom. After all, we’re all interested in protecting the environment,” Food for thought: if Germany would have spent the amount (€580b by 2025) on nuclear instead of renewables, they could have completely decarbonized their entire energy sector by now and even could have fullfilled the theorethical energy demand of all light vehicles in the country, if all of them were electric. But nah, they'll just further keep paying costly feed-in tariffs after installed photovoltaics for a country that has less average solar potential than Canada, and I haven't even mentioned grid stability (don't worry, one can always burn lignite fuels during dark, breezeless winter days...) But the decision has been made, and as some of you might know, they'll phase out all their nuclear reactors by 2022. I wish good luck for them with their 2020 emission target. They might even reach it by 2030.
Nuclear anyone?
I... I don't understand! How can a country exist without coal jobs?
Ouch. Considering Canada has Hydro as its main energy production that's saying a lot.
Germany’s got a retanded hateboner for nuclear power
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