• The FCC has fought text spam by allowing telecoms to censor and block texts
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https://www.cnet.com/news/ajit-pais-fcc-gives-carriers-option-to-block-text-messages/ The Federal Communications Commission said it's getting tough on text message spam by clarifying that phone companies can block unwanted texts. At its monthly meeting Wednesday, the Republican-led agency voted 3-1 to classify SMS text messages as a so-called Title I information service under the Telecom Act. The three Republicans on the FCC, which voted to adopt the classification, said this would allow phone companies to block spam text messages. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the new classification would empower wireless providers to stop unwanted text messages. "The FCC shouldn't make it easier for spammers and scammers to bombard consumers with unwanted texts," he said during the meeting. he one Democrat on the FCC, Jessica Rosenworcel disagrees. She warned that the FCC is misleading the public about what the new classification will actually do. "Today's decision offers consumers no new ability to prevent robotexts," she said."It simply provides that carriers can block our text messages and censor the very content of those messages themselves." She said the FCC did the same thing to the internet last year when it repealed Obama-era net neutrality rules. Several lawmakers oppose Wednesday's reclassification. In a letter sent to the FCC on Friday, nine Democratic US senators and Vermont's Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent, said that the reclassification would allow phone companies to "block any text message they wish" and would allow these companies to hike rates to competing businesses trying to reach customers.
The text spam has been absolutely ridiculous recently. I've never gotten text spam/spam calls until a few months ago but I suppose this is what I should have expected from Ajit Pai.
I don't get text spam, but I do get very regular calls from the free cruise scam lines.
Luckily I only get like 1 or 2 spam texts a month. Phone scams, however, are pretty persistent. They're always robo-calls too, so there's no fun in trying to fuck with the scammer.
I get scores of scam phone calls and texts. In fact, a lot of times they'll send me a text as soon as I tap the button to end their call. And every single one of them is addressed to a man named Bobby. I assume he was an old fart that got scammed out of all his money before he died, and the telescammers don't realize the number is now in the hands of a computer-savvy 26 year old.
maybe fight the text spam by not selling everyones details to literally anyone who asks :^)
It's always the same two fucking texts too, both for shady boner pills. And anywhere from 0 to 10 calls a day, so many that my ringtone has become nothing more than a spam alert.
I always get robocalls from numbers matching the first six digits of my number. Guess i’m lucky that nobody’s spoofed my number yet.
I've never once gotten text spam but I go through bouts of spam calls. It'll happen for a month or two, stop for a few months, then come back. Lately they've been calling from numbers similar to the ones my family uses...
I've taken it up a notch and now I just blasting the scam callers with Avant-garde jazz at high volume via speaker phone. It's moderately more effective than asking them if the back/neck brace helps with existential pain.
I'm very consistent in screening my calls and of the occasional one I accidentally let through every few months, it's always the same one about my fucking credit card account. I don't have a credit card, and my credit history is blank.
I've been lucky and haven't gotten scam calls in a while but I'm just waiting to like, just pretend to also be a scammer and scam back or something. "Hey are you interested in shit keeper 3000?" "No but my good sir, would you be interested in ass licker 5000?" either that or I could just ask them about the meaning of life! or hang up.
I keep getting robocalls that are entirely in Chinese. ...I don't understand the purpose. I'm in fucking America. I don't speak Chinese. What's the end goal?
You guys are lucky. All of my scammers are robots.
My favorite robo calls are the ones telling me that I owe them money and if I don't call back they'll notify the authorities to come to my house and arrest me. They really need to work on this shit though. I used to get tons of calls from real people asking me to stop calling them and threatening them, but it was someone else spoofing my number.
Is phone spam (call/SMS) a US thing? Goin by the amount of US people here and what I always read online I wonder why its so bad in the USA. Here at best your carrier annoys you but thats easy to opt out. Never gotten a spam call in my life.
For anybody who's living in the U.S., add yourself to the Do Not Call registry. I get, at worst, 1 bad call a month.
Doesn't work at all for me
"Thank you for booking a room at Marriott!"
Did yours have a loud as fuck ship horn at the beginning? It has to be bad practice to make someone lose hearing in one ear before you can tell them your scam.
The reason the US has this problem is because we've defunded the FCC and FTC to such a huge extent, they have no money to go after the people doing this shit. And it's only getting worse. The only way to fix it is to actually get a democratic majority again because they're the only ones willing to pass bills that fund government agencies.
I get text spam all of the time from telemarkers trying to sell me website bullshit, registering a domain without whois protection was a mistake.
I recently got into a group chat spam with like 10 other people. Once the main spammer did his whole spiel we ended up texting 99 bottles of beer on the wall until we became friends.
Yes. And then half of the spam calls immediately hang up.
I'll show em whos boss when they spam call me, breath heavily in the microphone and then hang up. I actually havent had spam calls for the past 4 months now.
I get calls like once a week from a number that shares the first six digits as mine, it's fucking annoying.
A guy I know was litterally called by the phone number 555-5555 last week. I dont answer phone numbers unless I recognize it and even then I'm cautious.
I don't get scam calls very often but whenever I do it's usually "were calling about your credit card". I did once have some Indian guy try and convince me I won a cruise though.
Haven't gotten spam texts in a long time, though I do get a call regarding the warranty to my non existent car at least once a week. Always from a different number. Hilariously the recording goes on even if I don't pick up, resulting in a voicemail of "press 1 to speak a representative for this offer, press 2 to be removed from our list".
Lol federal do not call lists dont do shit to telemarketers let alone scammers Source; I worked for siriusxm The amount of people we would call thinking they're already on our specific do not call list because they signed up on the federal one was ridiculous
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