• Artifact falls off the top 100 played games on Steam
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So while no news source, but on both steamDB and on Steam's own ranking Artifact at this moment of writing is no longer in the top 100 most played games with its player count at 4,700. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/168411/7ffc04c7-a6d4-477e-9d2d-7f1c296bca87/image.png While obviously this can change, as a reference Portal 2 is currently at 5,300 (6100 24hour peak) players and Left 4 Dead 2 is at 14,500. (20,000 24hour peak) Things aren't looking too good for the health of the game, Valve will have to pull out a miracle to recover as the drop is looking pretty steady. CSGO at its lowest was almost triple artifact's current player count.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134246/c29651e3-4e20-42fd-8ee3-40099f01da5f/image.png That bump was when they added progression.
https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/a/af/Demoman_taunt_laugh.png never thought i'd see the day where im happy that a valve game is failing
All they had to do was follow any other online card games model and this would have been a mega success. Its fairly obvious this was some kind of weird cash grab before going F2P but I don't get how anyone in a position to make that decision didn't understand that this would just blow up in their faces. Whatever happened to the whole "make it better than piracy" concept that steam was centered around? Of course people are going to not like something thats worse economically than its competition, you make it better than the competition not worse.
And it's getting progressively worse.
Stupid decisions like these are usually a mix of greed and being out of touch Valve's been pushing the envelope on both of these fronts in the last few years
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp0UYoIsc6E Gonna need more than a defibrillator for this.
Wait, how did it get there?
It's main competitors are free, offer better systems to earn cards and don't have the same baggage this game had.
I really don't understand how this fact caused artifact to get in the top 100?
The game had no audience and any potential novice audience was put off by the aggressive monetization system it had. The game was released in an already saturated market of a niche genre that had its hayday a few years ago, with it introducing nothing notable to table to bring players from established games to it.
It's still a valve game dude, with Dota characters at that. It would have gotten there no matter what.
I gotta be reading you and breadman's comments wrong because this all sounds like reasons to have fewer players not more
I think he interpreted "How did it get there?" as "How did it drop from top 100?" rather than "How did it get into the top 100 to begin with?"
As to how it got there in the first place: it's a Valve game.
More like: It's a DOTA game
can't wait for valve to misinterpret this predictable drop as "players just aren't interested in new games from us" instead of "players want us to go back to making good games again"
Can't wait for the panic move to F2P.
Friendly reminder that you don't even need to have any talent to get your game into the top 10. At least Artifact is a fucking finished game. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/554/e546ab35-9d00-4c33-8115-953549871592/InkedAnnotation 2018-12-30 204357_LI.jpg
now please, revive TF2, somehow its such a damn shame it isn't in the top 3
Frankly, while Valve's current support of the game is abysmall and really hurt by their laziez-faire communication/update methods, I think the game being 11 years old and still being this active is still an accomplishment in and of itself. If it was announced tomorrow that support would end, I'd be fine, it's had a good run for an active FPS, even in comparison to Counter Strike 1.6 and Source before GO swallowed their playerbases.
didn't it just have its highest concurrent player count of its lifespan over December?
As others have said, I wouldn't be shocked if the reason 2018 was such a dry year for the game is because the managers poached the TF2 team for most of the year to help prepare Artifact for launch. Hopefully in 2019 the TF2 developers will actually get to work on the fucking game they want to work on.
The thing is, Dota players are pretty much known for their dedication. Dota2 player numbers don't experience the same characteristic drop spikes other games' online playercounts get when a big new game hits (like, say, RDR2). Dota2 players aren't playing Artifact. They're playing Dota.
I meant it as being top 3 daily
I think they should just take all the lessons learned at make a TF3 rather than keep shoveling Austrlium game modes and ill-fitting items in to keep it alive.
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