• Some truck owners are purposefully blocking Tesla charging stations in protest
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https://qz.com/1506901/trucks-are-ice-ing-tesla-owners-from-charging-stations/ First, there was rolling coal. Now there’s ICE-ing.  As electric motors encroach on internal combustion engines, some truck owners are getting angry. And Teslas are a favorite target. Rolling coal has been a pastime for some truck owners who modify their engines to blow plumes of black smoke. Videos show truck owners slowing down to blanket neighborhood sidewalks in soot, and belch smoke at trailing hybrid and electric vehicles (EV). One popular bumper sticker on such vehicles: “Prius Repellent.” Now “ICE-ing”—the I, C and E taken from internal combustion engine—is on the rise. The practice involves parking fossil-fuel-powered vehicles in designated EV charging spots to block anyone from using them. For EV owners, it’s the equivalent of someone parking in front of a gas pump. Sometimes it’s unintentional. Other times it’s not. One of the most recent incidents was at a North Carolina convenience store called Sheetz. Reddit user Leicina posted her account of several pickup-trucks pulling in to block all the Tesla supercharging station’s spots. “I’ve never had a supercharging experience like this one,” she wrote. “These trucks blocked all the chargers, chanted ‘F’ Tesla, and were kicked out by a Sheetz employee.” States and cities are now passing laws to prohibit the practice (so far Florida, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Washington are among those with rules on the books). https://cms.qz.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/1kjqr9sq9y521.jpg?quality=75
imagine being this childish
I still don't understand coal rolling
How fucking petty good god damn
This is the first time I've heard of "Rolling Coal" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWg0G2G3Wes It seems I still underestimate the amount of retardation in this country.
A consequence of inbreeding, I assume?
It's simple - insecurity of their manhood.
idk man I'm pretty insecure but I've never thought that inhaling truck exhaust would improve anything
Parking my gigantic truck that costs me more gas money than I pay for rent in front of a charging station and inhaling the pure black exhaust fumes to own the libs
It's a southern-america cultural thing. The bigger and more expensive your truck, the bigger man you are!
The article not the inhaling.
The gene pool perhaps, don't tell them anything.
Tesla supercharging station’s spots. “I’ve never had a supercharging experience like this one,” she wrote. “These trucks blocked all the chargers, chanted ‘F’ Tesla, and were kicked out by a Sheetz employee.” Hah fuck this, I'm instantly calling the cops. If you're that stupid I'm not waiting for some poor employee to come out and yell at you until you grudingly leave with no consequences.
Depending on what part of the country you're in, the cops aren't going to side with you in regards to the locals doing this crap without the appropriate bribes.
Someone should spread "setting your own truck on fire to own the teslas" as a meme among these brain-dead coal rollers Honestly setting fire to these gashogs would probably be less polluting than actually driving them
Penis envy.
Don't forget how many guns you own. And how many dogs you have tied up in your back yard. (Note: you don't have to actually give a shit about the dogs. You can take better care of the fucking guns and you're still just as much of a man, if not more so.)
Holy fuck, these guys must have the tiniest dicks.
But what exactly are they protesting? That other people are buying electric cars or... What exactly?
You're giving them too much credit. It was a thing they heard of, so they did it.
They're protesting the environment.
This is why EV chargers often have "Non-EVs will be towed" notifications on them. I'd love to see these dip-shits freaking out as their lame time/money sinks are towed away. I also never understood the appeal to "rolling coal". I just can't imagine being the kind of person who would spend all that money just so I could make my truck run shittier on demand like that.
The only places where that would happen wouldn't have a tesla charging station. Now guns are a fun hobby that most people keep to themselves. The only ones using that to make themselves seem "more manly" are those that walk around with guns on holsters; excluding police officers
You cant just tow peoples cars for any reason, towing companies can get in trouble for that. Technically they did nothing wrong, doesnt make them any less of assholes though. There are states where it is illegal and your ass can be towed though If I am wrong somebody please correct me. "Look at me my truck is so inefficient XD"
There is no point other than "owning the libs". That's how far gone we are in this bipartisan fuck fest. Liberals like EV cars and hate people driving around in giant manhood compensating trucks for no reason so they're doing everything the libs hate just to fuck with them.
People who roll coal need to be checked in to mental institutions and have their trucks scrapped. It's an undeniable fact that coal damages ecosystems in the long term, but some people need or prefer trucks that have crap emission rates and that's fine. If you find pleasure in damaging the environment and people's lungs because others want to preserve them, you're a sociopath and need help.
Well I guess I can get behind that. The environment kinda really fucked up by being too friendly for coal rollers to not suffocate from their own stupidity.
We laugh at nature documentaries that show animals doing stuff like jumping dances or building peculiar nests as mating rituals. But then we have members of our own species doing shit like this to show off their masculinity.
These idiots probably think that their "way of life" is threatened by the rise of EV and slow death of ICE, pick-up trucks are seen as part of American culture and as such some people take it seriously and they're being made irrelevant by EV.
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