• Hacker hijacks Chromecasts/Smart TVs to tell you to sub to PewdiePie
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is this still a thing
And people wonder why I refuse to buy a Smart TV/anything IoT...
I hear you though
This isn't exactly how I pictured the cyberpunk future.
You mean to say that renegade programmers and moders are not a part of that future?
if you want a smart tv, buy a "dumb tv" and stick a rasberry pi in it
Good luck getting a dumb TV though nowadays with good picture quality.
give it a static ip in its settings, block it from the internet via your router
I'm amazing by how slow smart tvs are. My parents have one, and there's a good ten to fifteen seconds between when you turn it on and when it actually responds to the volume being adjusted, and it always starts out loud as hell.
The 40" Hitachi LED TV I bought in New Year's Eve was surprisingly cheap, zero Smart shit. $210 https://u.cubeupload.com/BragAboutStolenYeets/IMG20190103000517.jpg
First gen units are awful but new ones are completely adequate. We got a ~$500 LG 55” model recently and it’s responsive and reasonably fluid, even when playing 4K content.
This is less a IoT problem and more a "dumb people that can't configure their shit right" problem.
And since people might never learn to do that, it ends up being an IoT problem.
Whenever I got myself a newer sony "smart" TV I never in my life expected TVs are gonna crash too... like are we going backwards really old CRTs never crashed for fucking 20 years.
Yeah just blame the user for the poor configuration and security of an internet device from factory. Its an IoT problem because manufacturers don't bother to secure their own systems before shipping them out the doors. So the end user has to deal with the Internet of Shit issues. Also why does my fridge need to be connected to the internet, why does my freezer need to be connected to the internet, why does my dishwasher need to be connected to the internet and so on, its entirely pointless bullshit that does nothing but open them up to exploits in the future. If you want a smart tv you shove in something designed to add it because 9 times out of 10 it'll be more secure than any bullshit that comes with a smart tv outright.
Or you know, just don't connect it to your router at all?
Ha, joke's on them, our smart TV refuses to stay connected to the router for more than 5 seconds!
Smart televisions are the biggest oxymorons in modern tech.
Honestly I don't see a problem with the IoT devices here. All they needed was a correctly configured UPnP settings.
I did that for a while but it's super user-unfriendly. I have a Fire Cube now and it's so much better.
Exactly. It's pointless to push for any of the IoT 'functionality' in these devices. They just don't need it. All the fridge and freezer are tasked with is keeping food preserved. The dishwasher's there to clean food off of cutlery and flatware. TV just has to display images from sources fed into it. I have a PS3, 360, Switch, Wii, two laptops, two desktops in my house, *I'm covered for services like hulu and youtube*. Dumb TV best TV.
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