• Netflix begs fans not to undertake #Bird Box challenge as craze sweeps globe
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https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2019/01/02/bird-box-challenge-netflix-urges-fans-stop-internet-craze/2466908002/ https://www.mirror.co.uk/film/bird-box-netflix-begs-people-13806294 https://twitter.com/THOMAS_RE89/status/1077361603518124033?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw https://twitter.com/FleshFire/status/1078245919445925890?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw :Faceplam:
natural selection
did i genuinely miss something while watching birdbox. i found it laughably bad. i thought it was a meme movie when did it get so popular?
Imagine being so fucking stupid that you'll go out in public blindfolded.
It's a netflix original. They ram their stuff down your throat.
What about it was "laughably bad"?
I mean it wouldn't be that dumb if they DIDN'T FULLSPEED RUN WHILE BLINDFOLDED LIKE
It was "The Happening" with a gimmick.
Man you can boil down so many movies to be "it's X with this" as if that's actually criticism of the overall film, or concept it's not though, it's just lazy can someone tell me what was straight up "bad" about the movie? I enjoyed it, thought it was alright, not amazing or genre defining but a good film that was shot well and hid most of it's plot holes relatively well.
it's a subpar horror movie that constantly changes its own rules to keep the "tension" the very idea of a monster that kills you if you look at it is fine. but then they go and make it SOMETIMES possess people to go and kill others? and SOMETIMES those possessed kill people by making them look at the monsters, but they're fine with just murdering people too? it's like if the monsters in A Quiet Place killed some people but possessed others to kill for them. it's contrived schlock
I thought it was ok at best. It was a forgettable "horror" movie that was just tropey and predictable more than anything else.
My guesses are: - Because Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross made the score (so NIN FB groups talk about it a lot) - Netflix probably manipulated the match rating system to make it seem like a high match for a very large amount of the sub-base -Enough people talked about it on social media that people became curious about watching it, even if not initially interested (me included) Very much so. I've noticed they basically artificially boost the match to your profile to originals, and they promos are always right in your face when you first log in.
The monster doesn't kill anyone. It only makes people go crazy and hurt themselves or others. It seems to affect those with some form of mental health conditions and makes them "see" and it makes anyone else want to die essentially. I didn't think the rules were that confusing or that they were changing constantly.
I figured it made those who are psychopaths or sociopaths into hunters. I loved the fact they never showed it but did the whole concept sketches as a means of saying "these things are terrifying". I liked it.
these people, the stupid: going out in public blindefolded to celebrate bird box us, the intellectuals: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134149/9d1d1cd6-b125-4719-99a6-db37dfb73c0e/image.png
Wait I thought it only possessed people that were already mentally unstable, that's what it implies when they mention the mental hospital patients
nah humans are beyond shit like natural selection
Tell that to babies who die of severe, untreatable genetic defects. Natural selection is inescapable, no matter how advanced our technology is.
It's their fault for using memes as a marketing tactic, it's only gonna attract people who do dumb shit like this
Until generic code is fully understood and able to be modified prior to birth
Make bird box Make "bird box challenge" to draw more views Act surprised when people do the bird box challenge on anything other than video games What were you expecting, people to not take things further and sillier than you?
To me it was Jason X but without jason.
It's not the best movie, but it's not exactly what I would call bad.
I enjoyed the movie, except for the guy having a fresh cut for 5 years lmao The challenge on the other hand is obviously dumb
So, when a movie displays a russian roulette, will people try it out?...
Birdbox is a good example of companies frabricating meme images for guerilla marketing and paying instagram “influencers” to post them.
Regardless of the rules of the film, I just thought it was straight up cheesy and boring.
Liked the film. Watched it twice. Is it a masterpiece? No. Is it the absolute worst film ever? Of course not, and anyone that thinks so has clearly not watched many films. Does it deserve all the hype? No, and I'd much rather films like Annihilation got this much press (but dear god people, please stop with these challenges). Always remember that some of the criticism towards this film will inevitably come from people that are desperate to shit on anything that's popular.
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