• Portal and Half-Life episodes writer Erik Wolpaw has returned to Valve
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Erik Wolpaw https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114748/8993ae4f-969c-4f2a-9449-7231ba33430f/image.png Erik, a powerful vampire, was burnt when the Episode 3 and Episode 4, were put into the backburner. He resides in Belluve, in search of Episode 3 and 4, and leaves his victims on the steps of the Temple. Erik threatens to kill Gabe unless Doug Lombardi allows him to see and drink from the ancient couple. He drains Gabe to near death before Doug allows him to see Episode 3 and 4, and is later destroyed by Mark Laidlaw when he attempts to drink from him.
What the fuck did i just read?
Does both valve and walpow look like the type of people who'd do that or would care to do it? Valve has absolutely no need for PR considering they own steam, them existing runs a profit, whilst I'm sure Erik Wolpaw isn't that desperate.
Yes exactly. Damn he looks pure Evil on the first photo, but I gotta say... He looks spiffy as hell. Literaly as hell
To be fair, he does get <meme>about ten thousand emails</meme>.
If he appears in the credts list, it's because usually all Valve employees appear in every game they make.
Episode 3 please.
Erik left because he wanted to do other things, why would he come back just for money? Hell he's probably still swimming in Valve money from his previous employment.
The Bellevue Boys.
Erik Wolpaw will get to enjoy the big pink cookie again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR0WN55p_zI
Probably the best reference you can get on Facepunch, sans wickedplayer's post.
missing the great pink cookie
Hopefully this means there are projects that he's interested in working on under development at valve.
https://www.polygon.com/2019/1/4/18168383/valve-erik-wolpaw-portal-half-life#comments Polygon did asking Wolpaw about return to Valve, was... ohhh
Just like people read way too much into him leaving, people are reading way too much into him coming back, he's probably doing contract work or something. There's many reasons a dev would join or leave a studio, a lot of them very pragmatical like "This is the best work offer I have right now".
Here comes Portal 2: Episode 1!
I fucking we were getting that much. You'll take Pay2Win Card Game #3095 and you'll fucking like it
He is, and while I don't expect him to care too much about HL3, I'm sure he does feel somewhat bad about it. And tbh. it's understandable, considering that Valve's been busy with various other projects since the Orange Box came out, and I guess time and years just rolled by, and now they are feeling weird about it.
I just want them to own up to the fact that HL3 is never coming (although I kinda understand they cannot do that) and not do anymore "dohoho we cannot count to three so wacky" jokes. Ever.
why? why can they not? what's stopping them?
Outrage? Bad PR? Oh wait they do not care one iota for that do they?
Because the corporate arm will put a burn notice on anyone who dares try to resurrect Half-Life development or speak about it publicly. Their remaining time there will be miserable, they'll be shunned by everyone else (for fear of the same thing happening to themselves if they don't immediately cut all association), and will be voted out of the company within a year.
And so this is a form of Developer Marketing. Hire some key person, push them to write or blog, then once you’re done with them let them go. The “pawn” won’t complain too much as their career will be enhanced by being associated with your company. What the developer actually writes is actually consensus based mumbo-jumbo. It’s just marketing. It’ll be based off the version of reality the corporate arm wants to market to developers they haven’t recruited yet. Valve re-hiring Eric Wolpaw gives me flashbacks to the "Self-Organising Company" tweets, in the same strain as Richard Garfield coming in for Artifact. If you trust Polygon's interview with Wolpaw, he almost admits it himself. It's different considering Wolpaw has worked with Valve for many years but this has had the desired effect, you're all getting your hopes up for hl3.
portal 4: portal some more
Thats a great fanfic, but not actually evidenced in reality at all.
Oh boy I can't wait for Epistle 4 of the Adventures of Gertrude Fremont
yikes, talk about blind fanboyism
"Anybody who does not wholly accept without any question an exaggerated story pieced together from inconsistent snippets from disgruntled former employees years ago as fact is a blind fanboy" Nobody really knows what's going on inside valve, we only hear vague whispers from time to time. The narrative people have created about valve's internal structure isn't confirmed by any stretch, and calling somebody a blind fanboy because they don't accept it is incredibly childish, grow up.
honestly if valve acted half as competent as people often tell me they do I'd believe you but looking at valve over the last few years reveals a very different reality and if calling a duck a duck is childish then maybe turn that laser accurate perception on yourself and look at how fucking awfully they've acted. Valve is so comically out of touch and outright negligent towards their own IPs, well at least the ones that don't make that sweet sweet microtransaction money.
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