• Arizona police investigate after 'vegetative patient gives birth'
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oh shit that means she was raped!
What is wrong with people, why would you do this? How lowly of an individual do you need to be to do this to someone in a coma
someone call the Arizona police, this man is a regular detective.
It quoted a source as saying: "None of the staff were aware that she was pregnant until she was pretty much giving birth." Oh god that's horrifying. I'm just imagining the reaction of the first person that noticed; there must have been so much confusion.
https://m.soundcloud.com/pat-godwin/you-dont-have-a-clue I'm sorry.
This kids got one hell of an origin story.
also complete fucking bullshit
Yeah, what? Is she morbidly obese? How do you not notice someone is pregnant.
That may be it. There have been stories of morbidly obese people who don't even realize they're pregnant until the moment the baby suddenly pops out.
So what happens now? Does this woman have a family who can take care of the kid?
I thought this was going to be the plot of Kill Bill something wholesome until I read "for ten years" and "sexual assault inquiry" so it's still the plot of kill bill
how does someone vegetative for a decade remain morbidly obese
some people have really broken metabolisms
People sicken me
Devoid of humanity to do that to someone so disabled. Is this a trick question?
This is a myth, studies have shown that even though people do have different metabolism rates, the difference between these rates is almost negligible when it comes to weight gain or loss. It's mostly diet and lifestyle which are the culprits. Considering this woman has been laying in a bed for 10 years with absolutely nothing to spend energy on she was probably given too much food. Either that or she actually has a metabolic disease which are very rare.
I'll probably end up being wrong, but it probably won't take long for them to identify the culprit as all they have to do is check the DNA of the baby. However though, whoever the culprit has likely already fled.
Pretty fucked up world we live in.
Yeah dude all of humanity is to blame for one rapist
Don't act dense, you know what means, there's more than one rapist out there.
You know what I meant.
I mean this is gross as shit, but I can't help but wonder why you'd keep someone around in a vegetative state for ten years. Let them go, dude.
Whoever did it is probably shitting bricks, they can just find out who did it with a DNA test can't they?
My guess is, that she was obese before and the doctors didn't want to put her body into additional stress a reduced nutriment intake (the only thing to lose wight while in a coma) would cause. You don't want take any risk of destabilizing during a coma. The brain being inactive (dead) may cause a surpuss of calories on the long run as well It also could just be poor nutriment management/adjustment by the doctors or care takers.
you can find out the DNA that went into making this baby, but as for identifying the rapist, good luck unless they're already in the system.
A bit unrelated but why do they keep people alive in a coma for so long?
In a way, they can wake up someday. Sure it can take 20 or so years but they are still hanging at the door. It's just hard to open that door to a new day.
If they have a log of people who were employed or visiting during the probable time of conception, would it be possible to get a court-ordered DNA test or something? Or would that be unconstitutional?
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