• ‘We’ll see how frightened America is’ PLAN admiral says sinking US carriers key
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To be fair Swedish subs are ridiculously stealthy. They have secondary propulsion that runs on slight temperature difference, which is pretty much entirely silent.
I mean, the US Navy is practically its own military in and of itself. It has its own air force, which is the second largest air force in the world, it has the Marines as a land force, it has NCIS as its own MPs, sort of, and of course it has boats. So America really kind of has 2 militaries, the one that consists of the army, navy, and air force, and the one that you find when you break down the capabilities of the navy and realize that the navy basically has its own army and air force.
the navy is the military and the chairforce is the R&D division
NCIS isn't really a military police force though, they're mostly federal special agents. They investigate crimes mostly and have jurisdiction in matters involving UCMJ and USC. The navy also has CID which is generally apart of the military police. CID is made up of mostly enlisted personnel. They're just investigative workforces which have overlapping duties, but depending on the crime one has jurisdiction and the other doesn't. Nearly every branch has the same thing - Airforce has SFI and AOSI for example.
The thing that makes our military a superpower is our logistics. If someone throws a war, we can be there in 24 hours at division strength, and have an entire army there in a week. There is basically no window of "let's try to invade an American ally and beat them before the Marines show up, so we can dig in and hold against them". We have ships full of tanks and fuel and ammo sitting at sea, just in case a war breaks out nearby and we need our boots on the ground to have more than just boots. We can project power like nobody's business. Not even the Soviets had that. There are plenty of militaries that can defend their country from us - I wouldn't want to try invading Britain or France, for instance, and China would fucking annihilate us. But there is nobody who can pose a serious threat to the American homeland. The number of countries that could openly put even a company-strength force on American soil can be counted on one hand, and that's including Canada and Mexico, who could just walk some troops over. Finally, wars are won not by men but by materiel. China can probably match us for ability to produce guns, ammo, bombs and rations... maybe even exceed us. But we can get the materiel to the front lines far more effectively than they can. China has seven aircraft in service comparable to the C-17. Our reserves have 18, the state militias 47, and the actual US Air Force 157... and 56 more C-5 aircraft that are even larger. If our entire military disappeared, and there was literally zero resistance to invasion, I'm still not certain China could land and supply an army big enough to hold the US. In other words... if you're a neighbor to China, you need to be worried about the PLA. If you're anyone, you need to be worried about the DoD.
China is a bigger sleeping giant than the US is a wide awake giant. Also, aircraft carriers and massive budgets ignore the reality of warfare and how it translates into theoretical power. China could copy paste 20 reverse-engineered aircraft carriers tomorrow, it's just a huge money sink and pretty much a deceleration of war (or ill intentions) upon the entire international arena. The only reason the US gets away with it is because of American exceptionalism, relics of the Cold War, and international commitments. The only meaningful projection of power the US has is on third-world dictatorships, and China knows that. It literally does not matter how many fancy counter-countermeasures you field. Only a matter of time until they start getting a bit too big for comfort, and could even foreshadow a disastrous reality if they turn out to be malevolent or deeply idealogical in their foreign relations. Because that's a war the West is going to lose. China has been making sure of that ever since their economy skyrocketed.
China's the most important actor in the world right now, what the fuck are you talking about
This chat is just one massive circle jerk about the might of the USA and I LOVE IT!
are u mad? its all fat no muscle
I don't think you seem to understand that China has or is surpassing the West on just about EVERY front. They have the numbers, the industry to cloth and arm every one of their soldiers, and a populace so loyal to the state they readily and happily give up their privacy and liberty for the good of the collective. Here, have some Chinese muscle flexing to bring you up to speed a little. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=---g-f_I2yQ&t=
For anyone interested in this subject you should read Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War, by P.W. Signer and August Cole. It's about this exact subject, naval warfare against the Chinese in our time. It's obviously a work of fiction, but in the vein of Clancy, with much of the proposed outcomes being based on very real and very likely uses of modern technology and cyber-warfare to cripple the US fleets ability to wage war. Going to war with China is going to be as much different from any conflict we've been in as the Great war was different than WWII in strategy and tactics. There have been plenty of battlefield shaping technology that now exists that has never been tried on any serious scale. Not something to easily wave off.
While there is always a some bluffing involved (this is the chicom we're talking about after-all), I don't think the West, or the world in general should just dismiss it as such and should take appropriate countermeasures, you never really know when it comes to these. Aside from militarily, one thing that the West needs better awareness of is how much the Chicom uses, or is trying to use psychological and other underhanded "dirty tricks" like propaganda efforts both online and offline to spin public perceptions and essentially force the "party-approved" version of anything China-related onto everyone regardless of where you are or from, just to name a few.
The problem with feeling confident in your ability to beat an opponent is that often times it ends up being much more difficult to do. See: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc. (these are different situations sure but the idea is the same) Yes on paper we have the resources to beat China but we haven't had a proper all-out war in decades. Numbers don't win wars by themselves and being contempt in our military ability could easily be the weak point in our armor.
Somehow doubt it
"They have men" lmao https://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/inline-images/20180126_budget.jpg Like they're eating their vegetables and growing for sure but Tau aren't beating the Imperium just yet
If China ever actually struck first and was able to sink a US super carrier group, America would be all over their asses in a minute. America has had a looooooooooong history of avenging sunken ships. Seriously I'm not joking, something like 30% of the foreign conflicts we've been in and all major wars but the Korean war and the Mexican-American war have been because one of our ships were sunk. It's like our fetish or something. All the way back since fucking muslim pirates have sunk our ships have we gone and kicked ass over it. Any nation would be wise to not sink one of our ships to start a war.
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