• Nvidia announces next gen gpu due 2020, Will use 7nm architecture.
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https://www.tweaktown.com/news/64340/nvidias-next-gen-ampere-gpus-arrive-2020-7nm/index.html Wonder if its because Nvidia is feeling the heat finally.
Well, it's natural that Nvidia are going for an option that would reduce costs and be easy to produce in mass quantities. Turing isn't very cost-effective, to say the least.
Hopefully AMD Navi will beat the shit out of Turing price/performance wise
The big question is if it'll be worth a shit this time.
But not to the fucking consumer no doubt.
Wait how much do the top of the line GPS cost in the US? The 2080 fucking costs nearly $1700 here
Remember, our dollar sucks.
Knowing Nvidia, it wouldn't be surprising. But I'm actually hoping they'll give AMD a good fight. Means AMD will do even better with Navi.
Here in Aus they retail for upward of $900 USD
Hopefully that's plenty of time for AMD to catch up, as well as maybe get their own more open implementation of "real time ray tracing" out the door. I really only care about the former though. Would love for AMD to be serving up competition again on the GPU side like they're doing on their CPU side.
It doesn't suck THAT much. CAD floats around $.70 of USD, you shouldn't be paying over double the price.
They’re about 15-18000SEK here, I.e the same kind of money you can get an OK refurbished car for.
Lmao they're going from anywhere between £650 - £800 atm which is roughly about $1200. Retailers are ripping people off.
I was referring to the price difference.
It depends on the model, the cheapest 2080 on NewEgg is $900
They don't need to make their own, RTX is just Nvidia's fancy name for DXR, a raytracing standard already existing in DirectX (and another one in development for Vulkan), all AMD needs to do is just build hardware for it, meaning we shouldn't have technology that should become the industry standard for videogame lighting be locked to one manufacturer
Why am I not surprised that this editorialized title was created by someone who already did the exact same thing recently: AMD announces Ryzen/Vega 7nm chips/gpus will launch at CES 2019. OP, you need to fucking learn2english
Haha, well everybody is getting screwed by a tech company or 3 at any given time. Just not this particular one at this time.
Yeah that's the single thing I hate the most about technology, when a company comes up with a proprietary standard.
AMD is free to use Microsoft's DXR just like NVidia did, and make their own implementation.
DirectX raytracing is still a proprietary standard.
Video cards are just very interesting.
Oh, so that's where the real 20 series went.
You are aware i literally just got a 1080ti and have been a nividia/intel shill since i started building PCs. Epic attempt at bants tho. Just excited for more competition in this dominated hellscape.
Your post history belies any purchasing and by your own account bought one because there wasn't anything on the AMD side that you would have gladly bought. I've alreasdy made arrangement to get a zen2 set up, I'm still not going to ignore nvidia's dominance or AMD basically telling their PC GPU division to fuck off so they could secure Sony's next console with what is essentially a mid range A/GPU.
Does this mean consumer GPUs though? Because Volta was pretty much just a Titan and a Quadro card.
So because Nividia is on a shitroll with press since the RTX fiasco, and has gotten almost zero positive coverage unless its BFV's RTX being optimized, I must be an AMD shill. You can draw your own bullshit conspiracy theories, but Ive been rocking intel/nividia since sandybridge and the 670, and I just want better competition vs the two or maybe three with intel hopping on.
As someone who just bought a 2070 and a decent intel chip, I still look forward to competition. I mean it would be fantastic if I could tell my friend in a few months that he can get a new AMD card for $300 that can rival my $500 card's performance (if the rumors turn out to be true). Like, how could anyone think that's a bad thing? Doesn't give me any buyer's remorse, early adoption is expensive, and it just makes the whole market better for everyone else. Then maybe the 2070 drops to $300 like it should be, everyone wins.
Pretty sure the entire world is getting screwed over by Nvidia, SK Hynix, Samsung, Micron and the rest of the RAM industry at the moment, components cost like twice as much as they ever have before
https://cdn.sweclockers.com/artikel/diagram/15831?key=66d5677c63d678f028bdd4113df4a0ae https://cdn.sweclockers.com/artikel/diagram/15808?key=f7504c62559ec128cf839753817fda5f Yep, I was wrong. But it depends on how you look at it, to me it's still a step back considering the GTX 1070 cost about the same as a 970 when it launched while being slightly faster than a 980Ti
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