• China's population 'to peak' in 2029 at 1.44 billion
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https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-46772503 China's population will peak in 2029 at 1.44 billion before beginning a period of "unstoppable" decline, a government report says.
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I'd rather the world population stopped growing entirely, but lets hope it does actually peak at SOME point
I'm not sure I want to live through that but it would aleviate a lot of tension in a lot of the third world if the population leveled out.
simply not making more babies does this. People act as if depopulation is some horrible thing that involves mass murder. I guess for Christians it is, considering the game plan with them is to just make as many regardless of consequence.
In Japan elementary schools closing due to lack of students because the growth curve is going negative is such a regular occurrence they've coined a word for it. That's a heartbreaking statement to make. And then you combine this with the population moving to the larger cities and largely urbanizing means tons of rural villages are becoming ghost towns as the last seniors living there die off.
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Depopulation is not the same as population equalization. Depopulation is a bad thing and indiciates heavily negative factors and generally very low amounts of happiness and/or satisfaction. Our goal should be equalizing our population, not for reducing its numbers.
If it's an indication of bad then I suppose equalizing would be better After all we have fuck loads of space
its more than making less babies. If everybody stopped having babies in Africa right now the population would plummet because of the huge mortality rate there due to disease, malnutrition and war. Not having disposable people will have a huge effect on society as we know it, and maybe not for the better.
You have to remember that our systems, even with Automation in mind, are just being designed to keep up. If we lose a shitload of our workforce for any reason, it will be a near collapse of the system because its getting material to places just in time. Not ahead of schedule, but just in time. Even in a bright shiney Star Trek future, these system are made not to sit idle but to work constantly. But that's more abstracted. Just take a look at Japan whose having massive population issues, people are more likely to be single, shut in, kids aren't worth it because the culture they live in disinctivizes it, you have a growing number of adults who are isolating themselves entirely, suicide rates are start to soar. That's what Depopulation looks like, its not healthy. Its not like say, Europe where numbers are starting to equal off because people are deciding to have maybe 1 kid and a lot of the boomers are starting to die but the numbers will eventually level out and start growing again. Japan's is in freefall, they're depopulating.
I do think japan and the asian countries are more outliers than anything else. there's a lot of social issues that never got solved that lead them here that happened to combine with the declining birth rate that later stage industrialization brings. China, Japan, South Korea, all have so many customs that shame people and demean people for reasons out of their control. Like we have tragically high rent in the west but that doesn't generally stop people from even pursuing relationships or marrying. In China you aren't supposed to marry unless you have lots of property, which is totally unrealistic.
Its really not, several nations have had declining population numbers and have responded in various ways which have exacerbated issues. In the US, we famously have been far more open to immigration than most nations which has kept our growth fairly steady, but now we're having problems filling job roles that we need due to Trump's closed door policies. Europe meanwhile, as altruistic as it was to help migrants and those running from the Syrian Civil War which I support, they also had an economic reason. It was new blood into the system that many nations desperately needed. The fact of the matter is that current socialist/government systems are designed with population growth in mind, as soon as that population starts declining things start to rapidly deteriorate as we can see with the scarily quick rise of far right voices and those pushing for 'traditional' values.
Although China will be peaking soon, it will still be a few more decades before India peaks and then Africa will peak a few decades after that, with Nigeria expected to see the most growth in population. Most projections suggest that it will only peak by around 2085, and that energy efficiency advancements are likely not to compensate for this growth.
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FYI Japan's birth rate isn't especially low for a developed country, it just doesn't have immigration propping it up. Japan's problems will be the West's problems as soon as immigrants start to dry up.
And with the direction our climate is heading, that's never gonna happen for the West.
Africans... I have no idea why they keep making more, considering their shitty situations in their country. The problem about them is that they try to migrate into other countries in masses. Africa needs to get a fucking hold of their birthrate but it seems never ending and of course Europe is their "solution". But it's nothing to work in long-term. Africa needs to work as a society and economy. If Africa does not make the demographic transition for several decades then the world population will be several billion above the medium projection. This means instead of 11.2 billion people in 2100, it could be 15 to 18 billion. https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2018/04/population-projections-of-11-2-billion-in-2100-imagines-dropping-birth-rate-in-africa-but-16-billion-more-likely.html By 2050 around 2.2 billion people could be added to the global population and more than half of that growth will occur in Africa. Africa will account for the highest population spurt with an additional 1.3 billion people on the continent, a new UN population report shows. Much of Africa’s population boom will come from Nigeria, currently the world’s 7th most populous country. By 2050, the report predicts, Nigeria will become the world’s third largest country by population, becoming one of the six nations projected to have a population of over 300 million. https://www.theatlas.com/i/atlas_BkcrbVWE-.png Holy fucking shit.
yeah its' madness.. i dont see how their economic growth can match their population growth for an increase in living standards
To think that an entire county has so many people that if they went to war with the US, they could send literally 1-to-1 for every one of Americas citizens, and it would still only be ~25% of the whole countries population.
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