• Name of Japan's next Imperial era to be announced April 1, Abe confirms
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https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/01/04/national/politics-diplomacy/name-japans-next-imperial-era-announced-april-1-abe-confirms/ what do u think should be the next name: post in the thread for $5 coins
I get it, they scheduled for April 1st because of how much of a joke it is to refer to Japan as an empire
I hope they choose me!
Bukkake Era
Huh, didn't know Akihito was even stepping down.
"the Age of Low-Birth Rates!"
futanari era
But the government had also been keen to ensure a smooth transition to the new era by securing adequate time for computer systems and software to be updated in time for May 1. In Japan, the Imperial era is still used in official documents and public records such as those related to tax or pensions. That's fucking retarded
It's time to give Nate Dogg the tribute he deserves, call it the G-Funk era.
On the bright side, from what I know, government computer systems are now gradually transitioning to using western years internally, and only using Imperial era when documents are queried, making any future transitions easier. I too think it is a little bit annoying that we still do this, but it is... interesting to be in the only country to do it in the world. Haha, very funny. I am pretty sure the real reason is that a lot of organizations here start their fiscal year on April 1st.
I really doubt the computers are even using the western Common Era internally. For most computers, "time" is an integer count of seconds since the Unix Epoch (Midnight, Jan 1, 1970). We convert from that to whatever format you humans want. I do recall reading about this potentially being a Y2K problem for such systems, though. Far fewer people were using computers when the last imperial era started, there's probably a ton of programs that just hard-coded the output. Like our Y2K, it's not likely to be disastrous, programs crashing or exploding, just some garbled output. (I'm not even sure if it would be "wrong" - like, if you described this year as "Showa 93", that still uniquely identifies the year, even though the Showa Era ended twenty years ago. And I vaguely remember some military arms being designated based off the Meiji year even in the next Emperor's reign? That could have just been a Meiji thing though)
Last time I was in Japan a cop checked my ids and when I showed him he couldn't recognize what year is my birthday in gregorian calendar and he had this little conversion table card that he used to find out which era is it. Not sure if it is a really special case but the imperial era is still being actively used in Japan I think.
The Gachi era.
Japan is such a shithole
thats quite some spunk for a country that still mostly uses the imperial system
is it cause of the era name or u bringing up something else in the thread about the era name. cause britain still uses it too yanno
Its a conservative nativist patriarchal collectivist nightmare state the strict adherence to backwards traditions are the icing on the cake
Naaande?! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237427/db893099-dfdb-4f2d-bd14-34dcb75970a8/image.png
ignoring the obvious 'posting from a country that still has a queen, uses the imperial system, and is in the process of leaving the EU' ad hominem while japan definitely suffers from some societal issues, i don't think that they are that much worse than any other comparable nation. calling it a 'conservative nativist patriarchal collectivist nightmare state' with 'strict adherence to backwards traditions' seems a bit xenophobic and sensationalist in of itself, no?
That's rich coming from a country currently pointing a gun at its head shouting "I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna do it!".
Try and get gay marriage in japan this century good luck
Because obviously if a country doesn't have those things they're giant hell holes. Dunno why you can't just admit you said something that was stupid as fuck instead of dying on this shit hill that you're making for yourself.
No one has yet told me one thing i'm wrong about japan is not a culturally progressed nation
I'd rather visit Japan than visit the UK if only because you wouldn't be there.
Feel free to challenge my statements any time youd like
why do you feel it necessary to make other cultures vastly different from yours adhere to your accepted social norms? Sounds pretty imperialistic and racist, bucko.
This reminds me of that time a FP user shat up a mall shooting thread with their rabid hatred of Texas.
Feel free to put forth an actual argument any time you'd like.
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