• "Alien" Twitter teased new video game, surprise, it's a mobile game
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/199389/36f4639d-ffac-41e7-a034-e90ec9d52fd8/oof.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/199389/93c15093-88c6-4c37-bd86-a43db75e7974/efg.jpg
It even uses Amanda Ripley from Isolation, what a fucking insult to injury.
Bet you can buy "battery-packs" to extend the time of the space station’s limited power supply.
Very glad isolation ended on a cliffhanger for this game to finish the story off
True to mobile game fashion, the pictures and description do no justice in actually letting you know how the game plays. On the other hand, I do wonder if this is a match-3, based on its developer's history.
After the critical success of Alien: Isolation, obviously the best direction for the beloved IP is to use a medium that means they have to take away most of the narrative, atmosphere, immersion and all those other factors that made the game so enjoyable and release a mobile survival game at a time when people are quite quite unhappy withe IPs being used in such limited ways instead of making anothermore substantial experience...
A fucking mobile game. They’re right, this is a horrifying new chapter in the Alien saga
Why is everyone so upset? Do you guys not have phones?
OOF Seriously though fuck this.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/247204/04a9c03b-4a66-4941-aaec-1a741d0c6d1f/1541219414868.jpg Looks like someone didn't learn the lesson.
Will this be a bigger blunder than Colonial Marines....? Nah... Is it more disappointing than CM? Yeah probably.
Still going to make millions and incentivise more companies to butcher their ips for that sweet whale cash I mean that command and conquer mobile game is rated 4/5 and Diablo immortal has editors choice award despite not actually being released on play store for fucks sake I will never understand how the hell this industry is not only functional but able to make stupid amounts of money that literally every company in the world wants a piece of it
Horrifying is right.
Well, we have our answer. It's a fucking Five Nights at Freddie's clone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXgAMbyZZS8
I mean.... it isn't what people expect but... the premise kind of works?!?!
I declare this to be Butts. And not the good kind.
Bear in mind this is the >ALIEN< game teased for a year by #readplaywatch and Resistance, and has nothing to do with the ALIEN>S< game by Cold Iron.
Yea By replace the Robo-Furries pizzeria for each night is now reskin with well-established ironic Monster in film history in space station to "survived" before someone getting her out is somehow "original" concept, Is... weird by best.
No, no, no. Alien is my favourite film of all time. Why must you torture me in this way? Please excuse me while I scream into a pillow for approximately 16 minutes.
A five nights at freddy's clone. A mobile five nights at freddy's clone at that. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I know this is such a minor thing to gripe about, but it shows they really didn't give a fuck about Alien as an IP. https://i.imgur.com/wIH4Sig.jpg This map console or whatever will never come close to the tension gut wrecker that is the Motion Tracker.
five nights at nostromo
Facehugger at Freddy's.
Trailer is unlisted now lmao What are the odds of having same thing of several reuploads to clear off dislikes as with Diablo Immortal trailers?
It's called "blackout" because you're going to have a blackout after seeing it
"Hey guys remember how isolation wad generally really liked? Lets do the exact polar opposite of that game in every way. What can go wrong?"
Who the fuck used the Monkey's Paw to wish for an Isolation sequel?
Who was this game meant to cater to? Like, mashing Five Nights with Aliens and making it into a mobile game is probably the dumbest concept someone could come up with. I feel stupid just writing it out. Alien is about running from a killing machine, not sitting in a fucking chair pressing buttons. Also why is it a mobile game in a time when those are hated now more than ever? Diablo Immortal is dumb but it at least caters to a massive market that spreads out internationally. Alien is a bit smaller and really doesn't have much of an appeal to a foreign market. Should've just made Alien Diablo instead, that at least would've been more creative.
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