• Gene editing could create spicy tomatoes, say researchers
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Wouldn't that just leave us with fat peppers?
Scientists also looking at altering color of kiwis and taste of strawberries How about not fucking up the good things and change the shitty things.
What?! Next you'll be saying that we shouldn't resurrect dinosaurs!
As long as we spare no expense we should be fine.
2020 Headline: "Pumpkin Gene Edit Approved By FDA, Starbucks Seeks To Commercialize, White Girls Everywhere Rejoice"
First put the flavour back in the mad produced market tomatoes
Can we just wipe tomatoes out in general? Theyre fucking disgusting and add nothing to a meal. Just mushy sour disappointment. Only good use is ketchup.
I used to think this way as well, until I went to a proper farmer's market in a rural town and got a few locally-sourced tomatoes. Oh my god, they taste amazing. Store-bought tomatoes should be different class of fruit altogether. There is no comparison.
woah hold up. there wouldnt be pizza without these gross motherfuckers, nor would there be pico. slow your roll. just dont bite into raw tomato and im sure you can live alongside them just fine
Tomatoes are a key ingredient in most pasta sauces and as a pizza base and I like pasta and pizza so you're gonna need to fight me now.
I eat pasta without sauce. I just salt the noodles. Fight me you long-ass bitch.
but what if the kiwi had hair on the inside too
Yeah this. The difference is night and day, you would be very surprised how good a real tomato is. Store tomatoes are modified for size, at the expense of taste and composure, so you get a watery gooy mess when you cut it up. A proper tomato is actually solid from one end to the other (still very wet of course) and full of flavor.
What the fuck is the point in pasta without sauce It's like I'm talking to a barbarian
What the fuck
Pizza is better with white sauce
I eat pasta without sauce too. It's good with olive oil and butter. Very nice subtle flavors. Of course if I have the choice I prefer Alfredo sauce on it.
raw tomatoes are fucking delicious. you have awful taste
Make your own red sauce and texture won't be an issue.
https://i.imgur.com/lVbTSLe.png Look at what they done!
I'm absolutely behind you with an oily, salty pasta dish. But for the love of fuck, don't call spaghetti noodles.
but we already have spicy ketchup https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/b6bc0358-48bb-4204-a280-6a8f50f70de9_1.25f7c01f512a004ee5ddd9f9ef7514ff.jpeg?odnHeight=450
Felt the same way about corn till I moved to North Dakota. Now I can get entire boxes for about $5, and goddamn is it good.
Kiwi with long hair
Why hasn't a mod banned you for this
make durians smell like febreeze 2020
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