• Nissan Leaf e-Plus announced: 226 mile range, 215 HP
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First, let’s start with the name – Nissan LEAF e+ is the global name for the car, but particularly in the U.S. and Canada, Nissan would like to name the top of the line version – the LEAF PLUS Series. There will be three trim levels: LEAF S PLUS, LEAF SV PLUS and LEAF SL PLUS. Market launch plan: Japan – January 2019 U.S. – Spring 2019 (pricing to be announced closer to on-sale date) Europe – Mid-2019 ... The 62 kWh of energy is 55% more than the base 40 kWh battery option (which still remains on the market). As the lithium-ion battery cells are more energy dense (25%), the pack size is almost the same as the previous one, however Nissan didn’t say anything about weight. There is no word in the press release about thermal management system (liquid cooling in particular), which makes us think nothing changed from the current LEAF. Battery limited warranty is to be 8 years/160,000 km (whichever occurs first). https://insideevs.com/nissan-reveals-leaf-e-plus-ces/ With a rumoured starting price of $36,000 I think this is dead on arrival outside of Japan. Tesla will have the base Model 3 out for less, and the Kona is available for a similar price with considerably more range. It doesn't sound like the rapid gate issue has been addressed either, so the Leaf will continue to experience far higher battery degredation than other EVs.
Is this before or after any credits? Afaik Model 3 is still 44k before any credits. Are they making a different Model 3 soon or something?
It's before, they are working on a $35,000 Model 3 that will have a similar range to the above. Nissan will have a price advantage in the US though, as Tesla has the federal tax credit expiring and Nissan doesn't.
This is dead on arrival thanks to the Kona and e-Niro, the fact they didn't go over any battery thermal magement system probably points to them hiding that they didn't upgrade it. I was looking forward to this but not anymore.
They've updated the 40 kWh Leaf in the last month or so to charge at higher speeds despite the temperature build up. So from a marketing perspective I guess it might help them, but it's going to continue to make the Leaf battery short lived compared to other EVs.
how do they look at the numbers on this and green light it
The US maybe, not Europe for sure.
I don't get this tho, those are both SUVs right? Why should a hatchback be worried about two vehicles of a completely different category?
They are compact crossovers, they are sort of the same size as the leaf but offer more range at a lower price.
215 HP is good, but I won't give this my seal of approval until they tell us the AC as well.
But a crossover is already just a smushed SUV, so isn't a compact crossover just a hatchback?
I used to very dislike the idea of an electric car but only for two reasons. 1. I don't have a garage so to charge it I would have to have a big extension cord. and 2. I hated the range. But then I realize I don't actually drive outside my city at all. I've only driving outside my city like 3 times in the last 6 years. To get my sister from college.
Apparently they are only planning 5000 units for Europe all year. So it's going to be pretty much impossible to get. Tesla are going to be shipping 3000 Model 3s per week to Europe shortly.
I don't really have confidence tesla will actually go to the sub 40k market. Just like there was supposed to be a budget Model S, the market forces and tesla being percieved as a luxury car brand meant they quickly went the opposite direction and crammed more onto the price tag.
I think Tesla will do it at some point this year, they are in a much better ability to do it now than in the past. Tesla has only just started to become profitable, and they need to sell high margin vehicles for now. What VW is doing is great, and hopefully makes a lot more people move over to EVs. They already have a supply chain, and manufacturing setup though so it's probably harder for them to justify more radical moves that Tesla has made. Tesla and pretty much any other EV does that same thing with the 12v battery though, there's a DC-DC converter to step the voltage down from the main battery pack to charge up the 12v battery.
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