• AMD’s CES 2019 Livestream
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Phil spencer wew
Radeon VII, 1TB memory bandwidth, wew lads
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/108618/80fb0a4e-110f-498d-900b-9bcc7810231c/image.png lads lads lads
Jesus fucking christ. I just want a cpu upgrade, but holy fuck that performance.
Radeon VII looks genuinely impressive, but I'm just waiting for Ryzen 3xxx. C'mon, enough with this eSports garbage already.
Damn, $700? And this is compared to RTX 2080's $800. I think AMD's back in the game for graphics cards.
Reminder - a RTX 2080 costs almost 1000$
It's coming with DMC 5, Resident evil 2 and the division 2.
Why do I get the feeling she isn't gonna get to Ryzen 3xxx today?
Lisa, you're tearing me apart. Please show Zen 2.
Costs more here
And here comes Zen 2, finally!
So will the Radeon 7
Remind on Feb 15th, ok ?
I'm sure it's cherrypicked as frig, but one EPYC against two 8180 Platinums and winning is genuinely impressive. Also, HERE WE GO, BABY! RYZEN 3xxx!
Activate Windows
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/205123/28e93278-46ea-46bd-a605-876ffaff17ce/image.png wHErES MY $400 16 CORE PROCESSOR LIISA
that sounds like a win
No bullshit "need to buy new MB" WOOT !
Aww. Guess they're still working out the kinks. I was hoping to see an imminent launch, or at least the lineup. Ah well.
Dr Lisa Su is so based
Will this finally be the year that I upgrade from my 2500k to a Ryzen. That is the question.
Was already planning to get ryzen 3rd gen but that Radeon 7 is genuinely really tempting. I'm gonna wait to see reviews but it sure does look promising.
Well it looks like the RTX 2080 is dead in the water, or at least a fight for the higher framerates. And since we have 8c/16t on just one chiplet in Zen 2, it looks like those leaks might check out. The hype is real boys.
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