• Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will only be available on Uplay and Epic
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I wonder how much Epic to fork up to get this deal.
You'd think that when a serious competitor would rise up against Steam, it would be thanks to its better services or better prices or something. But nooooo, it's because the game publishers got a little something whispered into their ear: "more MONEY"
Okay, this is Uplay
Really doesnt matter, you need uplay anyway, just buy it on uplay.
Honestly not sure why anyone would ever expect anything different. We've decades of evidence across companies and across countries that all unanimously point to the same thing: all big publishers care about is making all the money. Most of the small ones, too, though a few of them still have some visage of interest in publishing good games, like Devolver Digital and THQ Nordic. But they're far and few between.
Interesting, it'd been listed on Steam since it was announced, but Ubisoft never made it available for preorder. To be honest I'd say there is a case there of abusing the Steam Store for the sake of advertisement. Having it show up on the storefront, it's advertised to people, put on their wish lists, then a couple of months before release pulling it and saying, "No, go buy it from this OTHER storefront.
To follow on, if you're in the UK buy on uplay anyway since you can use the 20% discount from using 100 club points https://i.imgur.com/o9zSaeP.png
Yeah, that's the funny thing is it's not a better service in anyway especially as a consumer specifically(a complete travesty farce of a refund policy, suppression of reviews and discussions). They're just buying market share. Even Amazon didn't do that when they started trying to compete with Steam. Honestly, Epic is putting itself at risk of an anti-competition issue with this. It's not a case of even Sony's anti-competitive practices where they at least were funding a bunch of them. This is literally just Epic paying to stop games from selling on Steam.
I'm honestly really hoping now that the Fortnite train finally slows down. Not because I hate the game, but because what Epic is choosing to do with its massive profits is fucking bullshit.
it makes sense because their games always get middling reviews in steam so they much rather just pull out at this point. Silence all them armchair critics and get that sweet revenue split.
Screw them. I adored the Steam Community integration and how I could share my content and look at others. This really just blows.
Yeah, i really am starting to hate that they think buying up store exclusives is how the customer base wants to see competition. What a cancerous fucking behavior. Like, this shit alone is enough for me to not want to check out their service TBH. I have no idea what Epic thinks they're doing, but they better call back to the Chinese overlords and explain to them that there ain't no government to enforce certainty of outcome when pulling this kind of tonedeaf shit. I see no way that this move is based on western understanding of marketing. When you break it down to its core, it's an attempt at a power-move except there's no power.
Next Ubi will bitch that their PC sales are down.
The signs that Ubisoft is turning away from steam completely have shown for a while. Recently bought a new gpu and it came with RE2, DMC5 and division 2. Only division came with a uplay instead of steam key. What is nice is that my uplay and steam are linked so I can just launch uplay through steam without having to login manually.
It'll probably be a trash game anyways like most if not all recent Ubisoft titles.
A lot, just with all the other year long exclusives they got their hands on. They got enough money to burn. I mean at least its a push in the right direction, not just Epic launcher but its still bullshit that it just cant be on Steam as well. Freedom for customers to choose instead of Ubisoft going for the most money.
What you'll see is less sales, especially given that The Division 2 isn't exactly topping interest charts. People go to Epic for Fortnite now, why on earth would these kids bother with The Division 2? Well, unless the launcher and Fortnite start advertising games on their platform hard, but at that point you might as well be signaling a complete lack of business integrity.
Are they actually gonna make it clear that U-Play is required on the Epic Store?
They made another?
So... not really any different than past titles then. Even if you bought any of their games on steam the fucking thing just launches UPlay to install and play from
No, if you buy a Uplay game on Steam, Steam maintain it and keeps it up to date, it launches in to Uplay for account management.
Yeah no. While i'm all for Steam having some competition, this ain't it chief, nor do i want yet another of a billion launchers i have to get just to play one or two games.
I feel that the only competition Steam is ever going to get is from Origin, but because it's tied to EA nobody wants to use it.
Vega I'm guessing?
That's not competition either because it predominantly sells just EA games. Same thing with games sold on Battle.net, those are just Blizzard/Activision games. The actual competitor is GoG. They may be competing developers and publishers, but they are not competing storefronts which is what people want.
Thanks for helping me save money by not buying games on your trash store, epic
Haven't bought a single Ubisoft game since Trials Evolution, so... good for them, I guess? I'll be worrying when weeaboo and indie games will flock to Epic Store.
still archeaic as fuck
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