• GoFundMe Campaign Launches to Help Young Girls See 'Captain Marvel'
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I identify as a women, can I be included?
This little indie film could definitely use all the viewers it can get! Hope this is the tiny boost needed for the filmmakers to continue making movies.
Imagine making a fake charity drive in the name of helping girls see a widely-released superhero movie, all in the name of artificially-inflating your own box office numbers so you don't have to suffer the indignities of playing second-banana to both Wonder Woman (which came first) AND Aquaman (which, against all odds, managed to make more money than Mary Poppins and Spider-Man combined). They didn't expect Black Panther to make over a billion dollars and now they're terrified that Captain Marvel won't do the same. If they actually cared about little girls being able to see this superhero movie (which is such a first-world problem I can't even think of an appropriate term for it), they'd organize free screenings and give donations to underprivileged women (or just people in general) who need it. But Disney has gotten high off the heady fumes of success and has completely stopped giving a fuck, taking the "kiss my ass, you'll see it you goddamn sheep" mentality towards marketing. It bit them in the ass with Solo and I hope it bites them in the ass here.
What is this "#challenge"? Are we slowly fucking up the measure of what's actually deemed a challenge now?
"Haha, we #challenge you to give us your money! Remember, whoever gives the most wins! Make sure you provide your parents' credit card number, the expiration date, and the three digits on the back, and see #Disney's #CaptainMarvel, in theaters March 8th! #CaptainMarvelChallenge #HERo #Feminism"
Followed the thread all the way back, it's from a marketing consultant. https://twitter.com/FredTJoseph/status/1082672093806907392 He also begged Reese Witherspoon to push it https://twitter.com/FredTJoseph/status/1083079432351481856
No, because there's no such thing as a woman.
Yes, boobs are made up by adults to confuse children.
This is indie? Huh thought it was big budget.
Shit, they're on to us.
I feel like it's less "help this movie get attention" and "help girls see it who wouldn't otherwise." It's a franchise that's been around for 10 years, since before the only Marvel hero people really seemed to care about was Spider-Man, and now we have a whole slew of heroes that people now know about. And only now we have a female-led one. So... Yeah, of course people are going to want to bring little girls to see themselves in it. Or maybe it is capitalism feminism, I can't say for sure.
If this is female empowerment we got to fix our shit
I mean yeah we do because there's so little representation that almost anything counts
Old comicbook fan who hasn't kept up for shit here, can someone 'Sell' me on Captain Marvel? Not Carol Danvers as a whole per se; I knew about her back when she was Miss Marvel, and while having some rather interesting things attached to her (Hello there incest rape alien baby husband) I can't equate that Carol and current Carol at all. She was a second stringer at best both potential and popularity-wise back then, but now she's one of the main faces for crossover stuff like Marvel vs Capcom, as well as the 'Ringer' Nick Fury has up his sleeve to take care of goddamnThanos? And when I ask around for summaries about her present incarnation I get a mixture of shrugs, 'Tony Stark in Civil War but less likable', and that panel of her equating Magneto talking about nazis to people on the Internet calling each other nazis. Which only further confuses me. Is there something about the revamp which finally got her out of that standard secondary character rut and earned her a position as a respected mainliner, like what B:taS did to Mr. Freeze? Or is she, like, just being pushed super hard with the hope it eventually sticks like too many past characters to count?
I never heard of this bit before: The #CaptainMarvelChallenge follows the success of a similar campaign for 'Black Panther,' which raised over $50,000 for children to see the Marvel film.
It's the latter. Carol hasn't had any particularly interesting stories lately, but by taking place in the past it opens a huge vat of questions they can't possibly handwave away in 1 film. But by being a hero for women, Marvel will push Captain Marvel for Feminists as hard as they push Black Panther for black people. It's horribly on the nose, and I hope it backfires if only because defeating Thanos with ass-pulls, retcons and pandering pisses me off.
This is rather obviously the answer.
I more so mean that can we claim we are all in the #BreatheOxygenSoIDon'tFuckingDie challenge now.
Apparently at least one early impression claimed the trailers are completely misleading, and Brie has a ton of charisma in the actual film. I hope that's the case. It absolutely NEEDS to be the case.
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