• Mysterious radio signals from deep space detected
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It's a quasar
It's just the aliens fucking with us again.
It's the microwave from the next room.
Don't ruin our dreams of 4 titted aliens trying to contact us
From Reddit: Astronomer here! I'm actually at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society where this result was announced, and am writing from the press room! The press conference is going to be in a half hour or so. For context, this brings up the total number of FRBs to about 60 total, after about a decade of looking for them. The reason the CHIME result is so exciting is it's a relatively new telescope in the FRB searching game, originally designed to map hydrogen to figure out some questions about dark energy, but has a huge field of view some FRB hunters have taken advantage of. They found these first dozen plus one repeater really quickly- at this rate, we should have hundreds of them a year from now! And honestly, by this point, we need it. It's become clear that we are now getting beyond the point of being able to figure out what FRBs are without a huge statistical number of them. One of my friends who's a researcher in the field likes to say so far the field has been like studying snowflakes, where we admire each for its individual unique properties... but we really need to transition to a snowbank. CHIME is going to be huge in getting us there! Finally, to be explicitly clear: sorry, but as of right now there is no evidence that FRBs are anything but astrophysical sources. Most people in the field would bet money the repeater, at least, is likely from a young magnetar, aka neutron star with the most insane magnetic field we know of. The debate rages on to explain them all, but when people shout "aliens!", just remember that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and while I think FRBs are amazing, they have not met the threshold yet of believing they are anything but naturally occurring. TLDR probably a neutron star. Sorry for formatting, am on phone
sorry it was me
4 titted quasar aliens would have little use for tiny carbon man meat
someone activated their stargate I see
"hehe, type in "heeeelp meee", that'll get them going"
I tell you if those brats show up, we wont give them Oumuamua back. What lands in our backyard stays in our backyard.
Swamp gas
BREAKING: Scientists have decoded the signal and found it to be an uninterrupted looping broadcast of The Chainsmokers' debut album "Memories... Do Not Open". The receiver has now been repositioned away from that sector and we have no intention of communicating with these aliens
I unironically wish cuz that episode of futurama fucked me up
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