• John Lasseter to Head Animation for Skydance
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So a slap on the wrist, wait for the media attention to blow over, then give him somewhere quiet to proceed as usual.
Yeah pretty lame, nothing changes.
As opposed to what exactly.
Him actually getting blacklisted from the industry for being a piece of shit for so many years? The dude has more money than he will ever need, its not like he needs work or could make any other emotional plea. This just continues to show that their are no consequences for completely inappropriate behavior when you're a man in a higher up position, and makes a mockery of the people who came forward.
Yes, because a startup business trying to break into one the most lucrative endeavors in the world is going to ignore the fact the man produced and created approximately 20 billion dollars worth of revenue, nevermind that he was fired not for sexual assault, but for creating bad press, never mind that Disney waited to 'fire' him until after the Oscars were over. If you're looking to be armchair outraged, you need to look higher up the food chain.
Lassie go home.
Eh, who cares... Who would care if twitter didn't exist. I just can't really muster any further outrage about what people half the globe away did to other people half the globe away. I feel like the world expects be to be constantly outraged and anxiety stricken. I just don't care anymore who rapes who or who made the movie i'm watching. I'm not in a position to impact any sort of change and even if i were, it'd be insane to put effort in changing behavior of cunts half a globe away in a different culture when i have more than enough to bitch and moan and raise a piss about at home. Do you really give a shit who makes your movies or whether your bigmac was slapped together by an ex-con? Does it in any way improve your life? are you in a position to impact the situation? I'm not. so i don't care anymore.
Yeah man, fuck it, who cares if peoples lives are ruined, as long as you get your big mac and your cartoons.
Sorry. Guess i stepped on your half-a-globe-away toes. Why don't you write me a blog about toxic masculnity to explain how i'm wrong to not get invested in Americans embracing the age-old tradition of fucking over other Americans?
We already got the long awaited sequel to The Incredibles and the Toy Story trilogy finished so I will allow him to leave.
I personally care because when I'm not posting on facepunch or playing video games I'm usually working at school, on animation. And I'm about to graduate and news like this doesn't really imply a safe field of work. congratulations on boldly not giving a fuck I guess. would you like a gold star?
in terms of the animation business hes pretty high up there and getting him reprimanded for reprimanded would send shockwaves down the industry. who you expect ppl to go after first then? god?
you seem to care enough post in this thread
Your post about not caring is the longest post the thread.
God dude, why are you like this?
I'm surprised that people think there isn't a company on our planet which will not care about person's background if he's one of the best professionals in the industry.
How do you mean? and who are you to throw stones around, when you're consistently lying and shitposting in every SJW related thread?
It's like the protagonist of a DARK 90s comic book discovered forums.
Why don't you write me a blog about how this is an ""SJW related thread""" and what social justice has to do with any of this
No more derail
Skydance's John Lasseter Hire Could Cause Problems for Paramount Paramount Pictures, which has a film distribution pact with Skydance, was not informed of the decision to hire Lasseter until shortly before the announcement Wednesday, according to two sources close to the situation. Separate sources have said the move has been particularly poorly received on the Paramount lot, with some wishing the studio could refuse to distribute films made by Skydance's Lasseter-led animation division. It is unclear if Paramount could extricate itself from its deal, even if studio chairman Jim Gianopulos wanted to. John Lasseter Contract at Skydance Contains Ironclad Legal Protections John Lasseter’s contract with Skydance Media contains provisions that make the former Pixar Animation chief financially responsible for any legal claims involving sexual harassment, according to multiple insiders. The pact to bring Lasseter in as head of the company’s animation division is said to include “ironclad” provisions that require the executive to not only pay for legal issues arising from future misbehavior, but also indemnify Skydance from any past misdeeds that had not come to light in the due diligence process conducted by an outside law firm. One person familiar with the findings reported that Disney never settled any harassment claims against Lasseter during his more than two decades-long tenure at Pixar, nor did Lasseter personally settle any claims. ... If Lasseter is found to have lied to lawyers, he will be fired. “David has been clear with John about what is expected in terms of his behavior,” said an insider. “If there is any daylight between them in terms of that, there will obviously be severe repercussions.” Also, here is a refresh of some of the things that Lasseter has been accused of
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