• 24 Hours Later, Bungie pulls the plug on Destiny 2 Niobe Labs puzzle
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Unlocking the Bergusia Forge > News | Bungie.net While coming together as a community to solve puzzles can be fun, setting this puzzle up as a gate between you and new content that you want to play has not been an ideal experience. As such, we will be decoupling the puzzle from the final offering of the Black Armory. All Annual Pass owners will be able to experience the Bergusia Forge when the puzzle is solved or when the deadline expires - whichever happens first. After such a strong recovery with Forsaken, the whole annual pass spiel has been a complete joke essentially. This started with the first content drop being above the level endgame characters would be at, forcing them to grind out a whole weeks worth of content to play through what they purchased. Now this happens with the final forge which was locked behind a puzzle which was decently summed up here: People can't play the new content until the Niobe labs event is completed. and in order to complete it, you have to solve a series of "puzzles." I put "puzzles" in quotation marks because the puzzles have basically no logic to them and its more or less turned into people playing for 15 minutes to have a chance to hopefully stand in the right spot and shoot the right spot on the wall.
So they fumble it and quickly update it after missing the mark? Like, better than "they couldn't solve the puzzle for a week".
if its like blizzard's round the world hunts then using it to gate content was probably a bad idea to begin with. For most players, a door that you need to go sleuthing around the world for clues to solve in a specific order is not interesting, but there's a small amount of players that will be massively engaged and energized to solve it. It doesn't even need to take that much work, only like 2 of the wow puzzles had any new content, the rest reused existing locations
Was Forsaken DLC actually a good turnaround for Destiny 2? And by that, I mean does it try to remove the monotony of grinding light levels to just participate in a raid?
It doesn't remove it, it fully embraces and improves it.
If you mean "is it not trying to be a MMO", then no.
if bungie treated destiny more like borderlands, and focused on "the story with friends maybe", instead of "a weak story, some missions, and a giant literally useless hub of people", then it would be better.
Can I get a video or proper explanation for someone who doesn't play this ashtray of a game? Something about a puzzle where you randomly have to shoot stuff because there's no feedback for what you are doing, and it's timed?
I looked up a YouTube video of it. Apparently you have to stand on specific symbols, shoot other symbols with the right weapon types, and do it in a few minutes. The kicker is that you can only see the symbols through sights, there are more symbols than the ones you have to shoot, and there's no feedback on whether you've done it right or not.
T+HREBFLU+ The actual fuck? Is there some abbreviation in game that uses that or is it really just that damn stupid?
How the actual fuck is anyone meant to figure that shit out.
There has been a trend "The fans are dedicated and smart." "No matter how absurd your puzzle challenge is, as long it has a solution, the fans will solve it." "The more complicated it is, the more the community will come together to tackle it." "It is the ultimate end game." Thus illogical hidden brute-force alien-encrypted anagram meta ARG puzzles are born. they often get solved regardless. crazy fans
What the fuck ?!?
Looks like Bungie wanted to try doing something as crazy as the Battlefield easter egg steps or the IWBYD skull halo 3 puzzle but failed to understand some of these things require hints or input.
It's Ulfberht reversed, which is the name of a famous series of swords created during the Viking Age, and was previously used for a similar (actually decent) puzzle earlier in the 'expansion'. Black Armory has been such a disgusting show of Bungie's laziness I fully expected Niobe Labs to be a pile of garbage, but I wasn't expecting something as small and awful as this. I guess it wouldn't be Bungie if they didn't find a way to disappoint, though.
Bungie is just a ghost of its former self. Most of the old devs who worked on Halo left already didn't they?
As far as I know, most of the former Halo leads aren't even in the industry anymore, or have non design roles in the industry. A fair amount of former Bungie went to 343, and some went to Bethesda (I wish them the best...) and id Software, but outside of their former composer, I have no idea what happened to most of the leads on the Halo games.
Most didn't go to 343. AFAIK it was just Frank O'Connor and some other guy who isn't at 343 anymore.
Jaime Griesemer is at Highwire games working on Golem a PSVR game. He was the gameplay design lead up to halo 3, and helped on the last two ODST and Reach. From video of their studio there may be more Bungie there other than him and Marty. Other than that there is V1 Interactive, the only notable one being Marcus Lehto. Though if you go to their site there are others that have worked with Bungie. They appear to be working on something more akin to Halo.
Destiny is a typical live service game that is built around getting people to continue log in as much as possible
I am convinced that the annual pass is just a way for them to make money off of half finished experimental ideas that they didn’t put much thought into
Half finished experimental ideas? That's being generous. Very generous, because you're assuming these ideas were even experimental. They weren't. Bungie claimed before Forsaken's launch that they were 'listening to player feedback' regarding Curse of Osiris and Warmind's lackluster campaigns, and scrapping them to produce extra content. Here's what Curse of Osiris gave you: 12 new Exotic armors 5 new Exotic weapons 2 new Strikes 3 new Crucible maps New Raid Lair Short, garbage campaign 3 Adventures (four if you include the Saint-14 mission) New weapons New Patrol zone Not a lot, but CoO is considered the worst expansion in Destiny history. However, compared to Black Armory... Four new Forge activities (functionally the same) 5 new Exotic weapons New Raid (the length of a Raid Lair) Niobe's Torment New weapons Three 'Pinnacle' weapons And that's... well, that's it. They removed the most expensive feature to develop, simply to provide less content anyway. They didn't even give Crucible, Gambit or Vanguard vendors an inventory refresh. The Forge activity is literally throwing balls at a pole, something Bungie introduced in the Strange Terrain Strike that the whole fanbase was just clamoring for more of. And aside from that, what is there to say about this expansion? What little content there is is half-baked at best. There will be no new Crucible maps or Strikes in the Annual Pass, just some new Gambit maps. No new Patrol Zones, just tiny add-ons to existing locales, Most of the content for Penumbra they've said they aren't going to reveal before launching, so it's likely all a flaming pile of trash. Joker's Wild is meant to have weekly missions - how much do you want to bet they're going to be just as boring and drawn out as the rest of the 'quests' from Black Armory are? Because boy, I can't wait to kill 50 Vex Minotaurs, then do twenty Strikes, then do twenty Nightfalls and then be told that was only step 1 of a larger quest because Bungie's idea of 'engaging mission design' is to just throw shit at the player to do. You can expect nothing with Bungie and they will always find a way to disappoint you. Taken King and Forsaken are just brief lapses in the unending sewage pipe of mediocrity that is Bungie's development pipeline. I'm not even mad at this point, I just don't know why I bothered to expect anything better from them.
Like I can’t believe that they’re seriously putting monetary value to something less developed than Curse of Osiris.
This is the kind of puzzle you use to hide a super secret eater egg or a super secret zone players aren't told about
Niobe Labs was more streamer bait content. Bungie even said it themselves when they released the update and said "Watch the best and brightest compete for world's first". People were fucking pissed and rightly so when they put in the obtuse streamer-bait timegate to delay the unlocking of a Black Armory forge, which we already had 3 of that functioned the same way.
The Wrath of the Machine quest was vastly superior and way more fun to get, even if it required college grade knowledge of mathematics.
outbreak prime from destiny 1 involved 3 people playing each main class of the game and extremely hard mathematics. this isnt really that different. Siva Engine puzzle solver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBRXVf0WEhE
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