• 101 year old inventor Charlie Bliss is working to fight climate change
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https://www.cbsnews.com/news/charlie-bliss-climage-change-plan-101-year-old-inventor/ Springfield, Va. — Try as he might, Charlie Bliss just can't stop working. Workaholics aren't unusual, but this one is 101-years-old. "I tell people I like retirement so much I do it often," Bliss said. He said he's "lost count" of how many times he's retired over the years. Last June, the chemical engineer became what's believed to be the oldest American ever awarded a patent. He says that system could be a big step in saving the world from climate change. "The idea is to keep carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere," Bliss said. His elaborate plan is designed to capture carbon dioxide emissions from power plants that burn fossil fuels like coal and oil, preventing them from entering the atmosphere where they are a major cause of global warming. Bliss and business partner Charles Moseley, who's a mere 81, are known as the thermodynamics duo. "He makes me feel like a youngster," Moseley said. They even have a have a start- up company to market their idea and they're working on six more patents. "I think the real secret is to keep busy up here," Bliss said, pointing to his head. "I have a work program right now that could keep me busy for two years." When he'll be 103, and still working to save the world.
That's pretty damn cool, but I'm not sure that developing a solution to reduce CO2 emissions from coal power plants is going to have the desired effect of reducing emissions worldwide. Even with that tech, it would probably remain the most polluting source of energy, and it would further fuel the "clean coal" bullshit instead of developing a push for much cleaner energy.
See, this man deserves recognition at least I believe. All these old crones in our capitals around the world that aren't helping the problem because they don't think they'll have to live with the consequences are all younger than him, they have no right to be so destructive!
At least he's trying though. He's working within the bounds of the current system yeah, but we gotta work both within and outside the box if we have any hope of surviving climate change tbh.
its broadly a carbon capture technology so it could probably be applied to any thermal emission of co2 including manufacturing.
Tell ya hwat - the key to solving overcarbonating the atmosphere too fast (the primary problem being the speed of the change, not the change itself - a tropical earth has even bigger potential than this form) is artificial photosynthesis. Would help with terraformation as well
Can we talk about how this hundred year old man looks maybe 80 like goddamn
I think it illustrates nicely how keeping your mind busy and active prevents you from deteriorating.
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