• Blizzard Issues Statement Following Ex-Employee Racial Abuse Allegations
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https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/former-blizzard-employee-bullying-and-discrimination-1203103410/ TwitLonger from the ex-employee
They say those words but they mean none of them. That's what corporate culture is; an endless conveyor of fall guys to protect the people on top from having to take any responsibility for their actions, or lack thereof and if shit hits the fan, they just leave and some other poor bastard is hired to deal with the issue.
Anyone who believes the words expulsed from the amorphous blob of actiblizz is a fool.
I read the twilonger the other day, and I very much recommend reading it and not just that headline. While Blizzard Esports management was clearly in the wrong for not listening to his voice, and by letting his boss use her position to bully him, there's a lot going on here. Gemma booked the meeting room next to Kim Phan’s office, the walls were paper thin, and I took the furthest seat from her. She revealed to me that going forward she would be responsible for handling my work, not Drew, and that all tasks needed to be done a certain way and I had to provide her with detailed breakdowns of what I was doing. This was news to me and I simply said, “This is news to me…” realizing that I had said what I thought—she pounced and started to scream at me.  “I don’t know what your problem is with me!” A screaming Gemma would start as she launched her tirade at me, calling into question me, and how I was “questioning her, her authority” because she was a woman. I was stunned because I was just finding out news that I had dreaded to find out: that she would be responsible for my job while she despised me.  October 2017 I would get a nervous breakdown at work. Maybe the stress of work in preparation for BlizzCon or the stress that I was a skip and a hop away from losing my job led me to that point. I blacked out. I had gotten a panic attack and went on the trail to walk and get air. I texted my Mrs. and she came to me, finding me on the side of the trail in tears, and trying to overcome this panic attack hoping it didn’t become another nervous breakdown. Paul and Cara insisted I come inside, into their office, and talk to them but on my way there I would black out. My Mrs. said I was screaming, “I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go, please, don’t take me in there, I don’t want to go” screaming like if I was begging for my life, and Bri told me she screamed at Paul, “GTFO inside, can’t you see you’re triggering him.” I kept screaming and trying not to walk closer towards their office. This happened with people in the office, but thankfully BlizzCon preparation had half the office out of campus. I finally came to when I was outside and both my Mrs. and Cara kept trying to comfort me while I sobbed. I would go back to work that same day because we needed to get things done in preparation for BlizzCon . . . that would be my last one.  During November I would have another nervous breakdown at work, this time, they sent me home and activated a leave on my behalf. I was clearly becoming a liability and they would look for a new team outside of Esports since it wouldn’t get better.  My mental health began regressing, and before I knew it I had a full relapse. I was ordering lunch, and a chain of emails would spark a nervous breakdown while I was driving. I will never forget that day . . . I was at the S’wich bistro, I placed my order, and I was already growing increasingly frustrated with things happening in our department. I recall seeing emails, and one in particular “jules you messed up” from my manager. I lost it. I had made sure everything was done meticulously but I had fucked up . . . I lost it. I got in my car and I started driving, I realized I was having a panic attack, and I headed for home—I lived 3-4 miles from Campus—and I didn’t care if I was going to be fired because I had so much medical history that it would almost be a blessing. I started laughing while I wept, cackling, and then I lost it. I was driving down Sand Canyon, and then gave it the beans barreling 80-90 miles an hour. On the way towards the WoodBury area there were always dump trucks headed towards the mountains, and I maneuvered my car so that it could hit the 18-wheeler head on, seat unbuckled, and suddenly I got out. The gap that I was going to use to ram myself head on was the gap to enter the 5 north freeway—I’ll never forget—and I got back on my side of Sand Canyon and drove home. I don't doubt his testimony at all - at the same time, his reaction to some situations seem caused by existing emotionnal trauma and disorders to me, that blizz wouldn't be responsible for. How much of it was a genuinely toxic esport team environnement and truely unbearable stress, and how much was it catastrophising.
If you're enough of a dick to push someone over the edge it doesn't really matter if they had a preexisting condition. Also saying he's more likely to be sexist because he's mexican is straight out racism that is almost as bad as the "these <minority slur> are gonna come rape our women" bullshit.
Quick, make another character gay.
i nominate bastion
Yeah the shit she said is completely undefendable racist trash. She reminds me of terfs, but racist instead of transphobic (or both who knows).
I nominate mei to better match her mains
i was about to be outraged because i occasionally played mei but then i realised you're absolutely right, yes, make it happen blizzard.
I'd rather Mei be announced as a pure form of cancer in the shape of a human
That's be like announcing the sky is blue
Perfect for the toddler level of Blizzard's writing then
We have a policy against harassment and discrimination and take reports of inappropriate behavior very seriously. So does any workplace you dense shovel
Love the preview pic. Hey, it's that game you never made! Remember that?
It got cannibalized into SC2 maps and missions
Honestly I wonder at this point how much of a difference it would make if Blizzard separated from Activision like Bungie did. Or was Blizzard like this before the partnership? Either way this is deplorable and the fact that Blizzard hides behind being "progressive" makes this all the more sickening.
"Don't worry guys, in the next comic we will be announcing that one of our characters is secretly white."
New OW yearly event: Bleaching Day hosted by Kommandant Kaplan
please i've been wishing for gei mei for years
Of course, it would add so much to OW's already intricate and deep lore
We strive to create an inclusive and respectful work environment that reflects Blizzard’s core values in everything we do. No wonder be never came forward or reported it until now. Blizzards “core values” mean nothing except making money. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/304543/b944483f-b937-4690-88b7-188f8de90f8b/A43FD6BF-1B23-40BD-B00A-7DC547B02B1F.jpeg
There's a lot to suggest that Activision is responsible for turning Blizzard into what it is right now, from indirectly, well, directing their game development, to outright replacing team leaders with their own guys. I'd argue that, yes, if Blizzard separated from Activision, then maybe some of the old guard who made Blizzard into the game developer we once loved so much, might return.
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