• Ex-Facebook employees describe the culture as cult-like; dissent is discouraged
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https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/08/facebook-culture-cult-performance-review-process-blamed.html At a company-wide town hall in early October, numerous Facebook employees got in line to speak about their experiences with sexual harassment. The company called the special town hall after head of policy Joel Kaplan caused an internal uproar for appearing at the congressional hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. A young female employee was among those who got up to speak, addressing her comments directly to COO Sheryl Sandberg. "I was reticent to speak, Sheryl, because the pressure for us to act as though everything is fine and that we love working here is so great that it hurts," she said, according to multiple former Facebook employees who witnessed the event. The episode speaks to an atmosphere at Facebook in which employees feel pressure to place the company above all else in their lives, fall in line with their manager's orders and force cordiality with their colleagues so they can advance. Several former employees likened the culture to a "cult." This account is based on conversations with more than a dozen former Facebook employees who left between late 2016 and the end of 2018. These people requested anonymity in describing Facebook's work culture, including its "stack ranking" employee performance evaluation system and their experiences with it, because none is authorized by Facebook to talk about their time there. Recommend the whole article.
I think it's funny that one of the big "progressive" "advocates" of the company had funded money to smear george soros and defame anti-racist groups on facebook
Definitely not condoning it, but is anyone really surprised? I always raise an eyebrow when people start discussing the working conditions of mega-corporations/companies. Just look at Amazon.
Only thing missing is for Facebook to open a portal to hell and start harvesting it's energy.
Zucc isn't a cool enough robot for that
This scales down to almost every size of company for christs sake. Unless you're top brass and can throw tantrums without fear of being fired, you're going to pretend everything is fine and try to limit dissent that might impact your job security. You're going to be told that the company comes first in your life and you'll be expected to follow your bosses instructions no matter how much you may disagree with them. It gets particularly bad in these large companies as by the nature of their size they get cliquey. Absolutely none of this should be a surprise for anybody who's ever worked for any company that wasn't like 5 people large.
You have failed to attend the bi-weekly company meat-smoke. Through cookies, we have detected that you enjoy food and as penalisation we have slashed your daily calorie intake in half. Repeated failure to conform to the group shall result in interment at an undisclosed location for an undisclosed amount of time. You have been warned.
Oh certainly, but I always expect companies like Facebook and Amazon to take it to dystopian levels of stomping out dissent.
Lol as if this is different from any other remotely competitive company? There is literally nothing surprising about this. Not saying its good, but its certainly not unique to FB, or even to large succesful startups, this is how it is at every company in the world. Also by only interviewing people who left the company they're basically guaranteeing a bias towards negative opinion. Ever looked at Glassdoor reviews? Its the same shit, the majority of people who take the time to review a company are the people who had a negative experience at the company.
Imagine if Facebook, AT&T and Amazon became one company
George Orwell is rolling in his grave because of this sentence.
Someone, somewhere, in one of those three is already planning on that merger and you know it. Yikes.
wew. ex employees are disgruntled - what a surprise. you can get a similar comments from ex employees of other tech companies. it's still the 7th top company to work for on glassdoor and you still can get 300k-600k total comp a year. if u dont like it just walk down the street to another company
Literally every tech giant has this happening outside of maybe Google. Its just par the course because the CEO/Creator who still around thinks he's some sort of fucking god and does indeed get a god complex.
"you get similar comments from ex employees of other companies" "if you don't like it just walk down the street to another company" I want you to examine these sentences and note where your logic is fucked.
Right, if they odn't like Facebook's culture they should walk down the street and get a job at Facebook's competitor, Bookface. Oh wait... Not to mention that your logic is totally fucked to begin with as WuzeyUzi pointed out.
I'm kind of glad that there are things in place to make that very hard if not impossible to happen. But there is no doubt in my mind it will happen, Cyberpunk novels write themselves these days; just take experiences from reality.
Always evil, virtually every time. Greed destroys, no exceptions.
Don't forget Google, Apple, Microsoft aka any big tech company. Time and time again, all of them had been in the news for scummyshit But nothing's gonna be done because they're all essential services.
the thing i like about working where i work is that we're pretty far removed from corporate and we can just grumble openly about the dumb shit that corporate does some people have even made memes about corporate's decisions and taped them to the office doors
When I was a bit younger, my dad did this all the time. He'd occasionally browse LMAO pics with me, and when he found one that he found particularly fitting, he'd ask me to print it out so he can tape it up at work. The longest-living one that I know of was the Bob the Builder "Can we fix it? No it's fucked" image. I think it lasted almost a full year down there.
Yeah theres a lot of people over at /r/cscareerquestions who measure their worth based on whether or not they're working for a BigN company, but they really sound like a meat grinder to work for, with little room for advancement.
??? nothing i said contradicts myself. for every person who says facebook is cult like and sucks and google rules you can find someone who says the opposite. the experiance you get at huge companies is largely determined by your team anyway. so your experiances vary largly from person to person.
You get an F on homework, here is the solution: It's a cultural problem at tech companies, so hopping companies isn't going to fix the toxic culture. It would just be a different brand of the same shit.
Alright, hear me out. In German: Zucker = Sugar Berg = Mountain Mark Sugar-Mountain... Maybe his cult is based on coke, and all the facebook employees have been so coked out, nobody has come forward until now!
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200318/e2a9fa8e-8d45-474f-883a-69bc8c2699c2/image.png three_men_smiling_in_office-StockPhotoCentral.png
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