• Bungie announces they have gained full publishing rights for Destiny franchise
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https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47569 aka Activision expected more for the guys who made Halo, and have washed their hands of it.
I think this can only be for the better. Activision I believe was involved with a lot of fuckery that happened with 2 when it first launched.
Yeah if you read between the lines, you can kinda tell they were done with taking orders from Activision making it suck. This is good news.
I guess this all came from Activision's earlier announcement to add more expoitative monetization in the game, and Bungie probably was heavily against it.
I am kinda interested to see how things change if at all.
Great news, but the flip side of this is that the 'Bungie of legend' died a long, long time ago. This is no longer the same company that created the biggest shooter of its time. It's been hurt really badly by a genuinely evil company and has been bleeding for a while. Lets hope its good with stitching this up though, they might make it out with something great. With how awfully Destiny has been treated by Activision its a question if it'll even be a financial success.
Game still gets content, and up until this point, probably still are. Both developer and publisher showed us that they have different expectations of the game. So now that bungie have complete rights, we should be able to expect a title that's a lot more in the eye of the creator (and hopefully reusable shaders)
Forsaken, the last major expansion, was a step in the right direction. It had more of a creators vision with it, compared to launch D2 and its smaller expansions, which felt like a marvel "Design by committee" deal. I'm gonna be hopeful that they do good things with this opportunity.
Bungie is no longer the same company and I'm apprehensive about buying D3. If they can ship it without the bad parts of the first and second game it could be good.
So uhh, where are they gonna get their funding? I don't think a lot of publishers are going to touch the franchise with a 10 ft pole if not even Activision could salvage it. I really do hope a good publisher picks it up, but I worry they wont have the right funding to make the visuals as good as Destiny 1. Main reason that game looked so good was beacuse of the shit ton of money Activision put into it.
Can we stop with this train of reasoning? "Bungie of legend", "The Valve that made Half-Life and Portal", "Blizzard something" etc... Stop judging companies based on prior, possibly many years prior achievements. Judge them on what they are doing now, not then.
https://images-ext-2.discordapp.net/external/uSvWfy6iW-VbMk9kIXUI-RSP-2HVQ_ghheHkIAa2p24/https/media.discordapp.net/attachments/360628085244166146/533035684005543966/image0.jpg Pretty interesting.
There's still a hole in the market for a genuinely good looter shooter.
Now they don't need to rush it out the door when Activision tells them to at least
The main thing that pushed it for me was the stellar visuals/sound design, and basically all of the creative parts of it. Gameplay wise it was kinda bland yeah.
I agree but i also think the shooting and moving mechanics in the sense of overall feel are pretty unique and being free of Activision let's hope they can turn that uniqueness into something fun at its core.
Isn't that kind of the point though? To not presume the Bungie of 2019 will be the same as the Bungie of 2007 and to judge them based on that, instead of expecting the world because of what they did over a decade ago?
Now that they're independent again, can Microsoft outsource a Halo title to them?
You'd be right if people didn't use that reasoning as ammo to damn companies in the modern day
I mean I'm happy for them, but it's gonna take a lot of work to get back even a fraction of the goodwill they used to have. Destiny and Destiny 2 burned a lot of folks, especially die-hard Bungie fans. There's also the issue of whether or not they can even afford to make another game. I'll try to remain optimistic but in this situation the future is very uncertain.
Now lets see if it was really Activision who messed with the game as so many Destiny fans say. I read a lot that that might have never been the case or very least not the main issue but simply the devs being lazy/bad.
Perhaps this is just conjecture, or perhaps this is just rumor milling, but ever since Destiny 1 got dialed back heavily into what it became, it's felt like Activision inserted their execs and bullshit into Bungie to take over from the inside-out. From Marty being entirely screwed over because they didn't want to pay him royalties, so his music got scrubbed and he was booted, to both Destiny titles being rebooted mid-development for unknown reasons but alleged contempt within the company. I don't know if Bungie will try to get their talent that they lost back, but Activision becoming their publisher was a massive tumor like Activision is for everything they touch, and we can only hope that Bungie can recover if at all.
Honestly, im surprised Bungie didn't just get outright murdered by Activision.
I have literally no idea why they didn't just copy Halo's multiplayer, the closest they got to it was the ONE mode in Destiny 1 that had vehicles. They're in the game, give me maps and a mode in which huge amounts of players fight with vehicles. The PvP in D2 is abysmal, like all these different factions related to PvP but you're still playing a tiny match with no selectable game modes. It's so fucking weird that the a lot of the balance is around this mode that gets no love otherwise
I have my hopes up slightly atleast. This fracture is a good thing and was in the stars ever since Activision slammed Forsaken for not meeting sales quotas and Bungie publically coming out and saying that Forsaken is how they wanted the game to be in the first place. Slightly offtopic but recently saw a video that perfectly summarised why I enjoy d2 even though it is grindy/repetitive and not something groundbreaking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lz1zzo8dis
This week has not been kind to them. https://www.pcgamer.com/mike-morhaime-is-leaving-blizzard-for-good-in-april/ Probably a combination of this and them handing off Destiny.
Jason Jones is functionally insane, in the factual sense. The lightning in a bottle that was Halo is never coming back.
I only played the first game and remember being very, very disapointed with how lacking it was and how much missing there was in comparison to what they said it would be, what are the problems with Destiny 2 other than the monetization?
So....does this mean Destiny 3 will be worth a shit at launch? Or do I need to wait a year or two for that game to actually launch like Destiny 2 did?
Just bring Myth games to the GOG and I'll be happy.
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