• Pastor who praised the Pulse shooting resigns after admitting paying for sex
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https://abcnews.go.com/US/terrible-husband-father-pastor-praised-pulse-nightclub-shooting/story?id=60280311 A Texas pastor who praised a deadly shooting at a gay nightclub has resigned after admitting to using drugs, gambling and paying for sex. Donnie Romero, former pastor of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, apologized in a YouTube video posted Wednesday. "I want to tell you guys I'm sorry. I've lied to many of the people at our church. Last Wednesday, I resigned, but I didn't tell anybody all the details," he said. "I went to Jacksonville and I went to a casino and I was drinking. And there were girls there that were prostitutes and I committed adultery on my wife multiple times. I drank and gambled multiple times. ... I even smoked weed." Romero gained national notoriety in 2016 when he voiced support for the gunman behind the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando in which 49 people were slaughtered. "These 50 sodomites are all perverts and pedophiles, they're the scum of the Earth and the Earth is a better place now and I'll take it a step further," Romero said in a sermon published online by the Dallas Morning News. "I'll pray to God like I did this morning, and I will again tonight, that God will finish the job that that man started." "I have been a terrible husband and father," Romero said in a video posted to the church’s official YouTube page. "This is the best decision, for my family and this church, to make."
Every time
I'm honestly surprised there wasn't any gay sex mentioned. Most of these kinds of stories with homophobic/bigoted pastors usually end up with them being closeted gay people.
Wow. Shocker. Colour me surprised. This came out of nowhere; I'm flabbergasted. is that enough sarcasm?
Kinda hard not to make edgy atheist comments when shit like this happens all the time. Good riddance.
Like good ol' boy Ted Haggard, the meth shootin' gay prostitute fuckin' family man!
HE EVEN SMOKED WEED. Surely the greatest sin of the lot.
It's a shame that he considers weed worse than cheating on his wife.
What a piece of shit, dude should rot in a cell somewhere.
Sucks that this is what made him resign and not... you know, praising a fucking massacre.
My old supervisor had the same train of thought as this pastor regarding gays. Gladly boasts that he "wish [I] could run over these faggots", but how dare you ever say something bad about god. I don't know what the fuck these people think it's ok to say this kind of stuff because it's very contradictory to the ten commandments.
Projection strikes again.
Because that one part that says gays are bad gives them the authority to wish death on, or in some cases actively kill homosexuals. They interpret the Bible the same way people like ISIS interpret the Quran.
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