• Americans are not having enough babies to replace themselves, new study shows
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turns out you can't really raise children at a below-living wage, and if you work multiple jobs to earn a living wage you lack the time to raise children.
It's because girls would rather give their coochies to Chad instead of gamers like us despite us having much more stamina. We live in a society that rejects us, GAMERS RISE UP
We need more girl gamers, if they breed with gamer dudes we can create a master race of gamers We must reinforce the existence of gamer kind
Its a global issue. Why have kids when you have trouble supporting yourself? Kids are fucking expensive. Childcare can cost 1k a month, you gotta buy diapers and milk powder which are also expensive. Then you got toys, prams, food etc.
This is what happens when you build a debt industry on this countries future, it isn't sustainable nor is it fisically responsible for the countries economy. One of the positive items on the Trump admins agenda was suppose to be a paid family leave act which should of soared through congress, and its been totally sidelined over this immigration bullshit.
i know i'm never replacing myself! not in this godawful economy and a world that seems to be poised to continue to degrade slowly until all anyone knows is suffering unless they're lucky enough to have money
You know how they say that in an airplane disaster you should put your mask on before your kids? I feel like this generation is still waiting for their mask to drop.
d/w about it, the mask is trickling down
That's the best analogy I've ever heard for this. I'm using it next time my mom inquires.
Why the fuck are you blaming the parents? This Generation caused their own debt by being the children of the last, something that's a big no-no ESPECIALLY when they more than likely saw the fucking debt problem.
It's quite the opposite actually. Poverty correlates directly with birthrates to produce 'low cost' children to then do work to support the family (amoung other reasons), and the wealthier and more stable a society is, the birthrates are proportionally less. This is not news.
omg and the libs say there is no such thing as white genocide. smh.
https://www.theatlas.com/i/atlas_BkcrbVWE-.png https://qz.com/africa/1016790/more-than-half-of-the-worlds-population-growth-will-be-in-africa-by-2050/ Don't worry guys. Africans will compensate it.
are you implying something here?
Yep. We will have big fucking problems in some decades. Europe, Japan, America have low reproduction rates, while a country that has big issues maintaining an economy has sky rocketing birth rates. Problems for everyone. Africa won't be able to rise this much as a country and economy to compensate their increase in new people. They either need to cut their birth rates or they need again help from other countries.
the GOP's new plan also has been to tie all of our safety net to employment because that makes sense somehow. Got sick and can't work? no medicaid! can't find work? no unemployment! can't work enough? no snap! we can't get this generation of luddites out soon enough, we're reaching peak bootstrapping.
might have something to do with the fact that it's a continent, not a country
Not sure what you mean by uploading a screenshot of a joke went wrong with no comment. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237053/068dba23-87df-4033-9ed9-bd6499ce9349/Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-11 um 12.33.42.png I made an intentionally racist joke in lmao pics as reference to 12 Monkeys with Samuel L Jackson. I apologized because I didn't make it obvious enough as people mistakenly believed that I didn't know that 12 Monkeys as a movie exists (where Bruce Willis plays the main character). Whoops. Correct. I have changed it.
Why would we need to replace ourselves when machines are already here to replace us anyway? I don't need lil timmy alive to look after me when all our stores will be automated and I'll have my ass wiping AI android in action 24/7.
Everyone jumps to economic justifications, but the reality is the desire to, and ability to sire children is directly related to male fertility. And the reproductive health of men in 1st world countries is in the toilet, and has been getting dramatically worse in quite short periods of time. Stop making light of it - something is seriously wrong and its only getting worse and worse with time: Study Testosterone levels have declined dramatically, sperm count has nosedived and to top it off, sperm motility is fucked too. No agreement as to the causes. Exposure to synthetic estrogens is a popular hypothesis. A more obvious contributor to me is obesity, and given the numbers it is impossible to argue against the first world being obese at this point. Emerging research about Wi-Fi as a potential source of reproductive damage I expect to be highly controversial, for obvious reasons.
You know, on that subject, I've never understood how these toxic nerds can lambast girl gamers for not being "true gamers," and then complain about the fact that they're virgin and single. Don't these fuckers want to to have a girlfriend that plays video games with them? I sure as hell do - but then, to paraphrase the TV show Community, I suppose I'm not expecting my girlfriend to just be a sex cook who does my laundry.
Highly controversial doesn't mean it's not unreasonable. Studies have shown 5G is harmful to plants and animals, you'd be stark raving nuts to assume that doesn't involve us. So who knows what long term exposure to the tech we've been using for the last decade has been doing.
Them and the entire western world.
I did my part suckers its on y'all now.
Like hell I'm going to give in that easily. Do you know how rare it is for a 30+ year-old to NOT have to pay child support in New Mexico? I'm a fuckin' unicorn!
If you're going to invoke "studies" you need to link to them. Some of us are skeptics or scientists. You could be pulling that out of your ass.
This is 100% a myth started by people who don't understand how the hormonal system works The "consuming estrogen will lower your T levels!!" Is literally part of the soyboy meme, which has been debunked completely.
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