• Japanese Pop Idol Apologizes After Being Allegedly Attacked
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Idol culture is ridiculously fucked. It's basically a long line of deliberately indulging the worst kind of deranged fans's worst tendencies. The whole "idols aren't allowed to date because it ruins the fans's waifu delusions that she belongs to them" shit is just the tip of the iceberg.
This reeks another one of those forced confessions, "admitting" that she may have wrongly accused her coworkers.
Sounds like a crazy situation. Other guy came out of a band members apartment and replaced the first. Sounds like some kind of band drama gone way too far.
That is fucked. What moron thinks she needs to apologise? Is it a manager?
I'm beyond caring if I'm decried as culturally insensitive. Idol culture is one of the worst things about Japan. It basically affords the women in question no kind of any meaningful private life, and then you get shit like this.
Culturally insensitive? Not at all, I dislike it as well. I have the feeling issues like these go deeper than they seem and is an issue in show business and pop culture in general, though...
Japanese talent "agencies" are shady as shit, there's a lot of undisclosed connections between them, blacklisting is rife, performers recieve no royalties and have basically no freedom over their career, and several of the large agencies have mob ties. Sexual harassment is just the tip of a very deep iceberg, but unfortunately it's the only thing Western media focuses on (Japanese media outside tabloids won't touch any of it because it would mean losing access to talent for talk shows/dramas etc.).
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2000/apr/23/justinmccurry.theobserver Yeah it's been open for nearly 20 years now yet people like Johnny Kitagawa are still walking free managing and producing
why koroko cry? who could do this??
Record Label. In Korea and Japan the label literally OWNS you, as in literally-literally. They payed for your clothes, your house, your mandatory plastic surgery which you will get even if you don't need it because that's how the owning process actually starts, your 'agent', and your team. They pay, you play. They also own all your publishing rights unless you blow up so hard you can afford a lawyer on the side, which is less than two percent of acts on most cases.
Talent agency, not label, at least in Japan. The record labels themselves are usually owned by big respectable companies, as opposed to the talent agencies which are usually privately owned and make great efforts to appear small. It's the talent agencies who hire songwriters, arrange recording sessions, etc. so they get all the rights to the music. The label just licenses it from them the same way they'd do with foreign music. And hiring a lawyer is a great way to never work again outside of indies.
Man sometimes Japan's culture can be so fucked up when it comes to mundane entertainment things. Like sure here in the West movie actors, musicians and game devs can get abused and such but it seems like ten times worse in Japan.
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