• 2 North Carolina Women Charged With Sexually Assaulting Transgender Woman in Bar
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https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/10/us/transgender-woman-sexual-assault-nc.html The incident led to the arrest of two women, Amber N. Harrell, 38, and Jessica L. Fowler, 31, both of Raleigh, who face charges of second-degree kidnapping and sexual battery. It began when the transgender woman entered the bathroom to check her hair and makeup, she said on the 911 call, and encountered two women who began taunting her. They asked if she had a penis, she said. Then one of the women pulled up her shirt, exposed herself and asked, “Do you want to see my boobs?” “The other girl starts playing with the wig I’m wearing,” the caller said. She said she told them to stop. They exited the bathroom but one of the women continued to touch her, she said, groping her buttocks and stomach. A bartender noticed what was happening and “could see I was visibly uncomfortable,” the caller said. “She asked the girl two times to stop.” She wouldn’t let go. “It was so uncomfortable because I went through a rape last year,” the caller said, adding that she ended up having a panic attack. Nearly half of transgender people surveyed by the National Center for Transgender Equality reported being sexually assaulted at some point in their lives, according to a 2016 report. “The most common individuals to be harassed or violated in some way are trans women of color,” said Kori Hennessey, office manager at the LGBT Center of Raleigh, which has been in contact with the transgender woman and is providing her with help. The organization is keeping her personal information confidential.
Why would anyone do something like this?
Some people never learned how to be good people.
Were they drunk? Not that it excuses their behavior, but it makes a lot more sense if they were both drunk.
I can't speak for them but whenever I have been absolute blacked out wasted I have realised that something is still a bad idea and don't do it. Definately just malicious intent.
Doesn't mean you have to be an asshole. Even when I'm drunk I never go out of my way to harass and treat people like shit. You still have some level of intuition in you.
So you're saying it's definatly malicious while also saying you cannot speak for them. Unless you have the mindset to actually think like someone else, you cannot easily make those two statements together. The small hint I can find is that one of the charged are a repeat offender for an assault. This suggests that they probably end up so damn wasted that they have little to no control over their actions. This would be supplemented with just being an arse and having no God damn filter on actually respecting someone, because the train of thought that leads me to this outcome is downright scary, to me at least
Not defending these girls but you didn't black out in that case lol
Whenever I drink, doesn't matter how much, I always tell myself before hand "you're gonna be drunk, your brain and thoughts will be altered, don't do stupid shit" I maintain that thought process and it has kept me out of so many problems. Drunk or not, they knew what they were doing was wrong, the liquor was just an excuse for them to expose their real selves.
You might say your character comes out when you're drunk. You might be able to compose yourself as a good normal person while sober but when you get too drunk some become a nightmare to be around. They asked if she had a penis, she said. Then one of the women pulled up her shirt, exposed herself and asked, “Do you want to see my boobs?” I can hear the drunken slur in this just by reading it. Plus they were at a bar. It's a safe assumption they were drunk. That doesn't excuse what they did, of course. Drinking never excuses sexual assault but I'd argue it does make some people more likely to engage in it. Some people just can't handle booze and let lose way too much and become bad people.
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