• Ghana unveils hi-tech exosuits and the world's largest APC
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‘Largest in the world’ armored car & combat ‘EXOSKELETON’ unveil.. Footage from the scene shows an enormously large armored personnel carrier (APC) as well as several ‘exoskeleton-clad’men slowly getting into a square, as the onlookers cheer. The weaponry is then inspected by a delegation of – presumably – high-ranking military officials. The armored car appears to be some four meters tall (13ft) and thrice as long, featuring a gun of sorts on its roof, as well as a number of tubes, vaguely resembling smokescreen launchers. Apart from that, it has several hatches and numerous embrasures, allowing the troopers to use personal weaponry. According to the APC’s designer, it is also packed with a sort of “laser rangefinder.”  Unfortunately, no technical details of the unveiled weapon systems have been revealed to the general public. Quite modest road clearance of the APC, as well its very impressive dimensions, are signaling that it likely has very limited – if any – off-road capability. The extent of protection it provides is unknown as well. The ‘exoskeletons’, on their part appear to be quite reliable, as one of them has apparently had one of its tubes – presumably hydraulic cords – snapped during a demonstration, the video shows. The malfunction however, has not affected the performance of the man inside the fancy suit, who continued to walk slowly yet steadily. https://youtu.be/9YXAJBh0TgE I know it's RT but let's give them the benefit of the doubt ok this is potentially huge
Wakanda Forever
they legit just took motorcycle helmets and glued antennas to them
It's a baby fuckin' wheel man! Also nice spraypainted motorbike helmets
Please, by all means, pass this so the Supreme Court can destroy federal AWBs once and for all.
I don't know what I was expecting coming into this thread, I think I was expecting something more legit, not this cheap cosplay looking garbage, they're thinking of how it looks (which by the way, it looks like total dog shit) before how it performs, I mean do they seriously expect anyone to take this seriously? The APC looks awful aswell, it seriously doesn't look like it could take a single RPG without breaking down.
I guess the APC could double as some sort of medical vehicle, it has enough space inside to treat multiple patients in safety. But those "exosuits"? Even if they were fully powered by some miracle, their construction severely limits mobility. They could've at least looked at medieval armours for some tips on articulation.
The ‘exoskeletons’, on their part appear to be quite reliable, as one of them has apparently had one of its tubes – presumably hydraulic cords – snapped during a demonstration, the video shows. The malfunction however, has not affected the performance of the man inside the fancy suit, who continued to walk slowly yet steadily. you mean part of the prop falling off? I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure a hyraulic line detaching would have a bit more of a reaction
This is like Iran level retarded.
The "apc" is literally just a truck that they took the body off, and made an apc-like body to slap on top of it. It's hilariously bad.
No, you are quite mistaken. That is no prop, that is one of the armor's high pressure titanium pistons. It does not need it to function, proving its reliability, because it has even HIGHER pressure pistons in other places the article is joking
Also I love how the back looks like it has a hatch/doors on it but opens up like a ramp anyway They totally didn't just weld a bunch of shit to a delivery truck
thread music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW0gIxWvzi8
Oh god the first fucking seconds I couldn't stop laughing it's that absurd.
looks mad tippable
What rhymes with Africa? Diarrhea.
I, for one, welcome our new Ghanaian overlords.
The sequel to Who Killed Captain Alex looks even more ridiculously amazing!
Supa soldia
That's some funny shit. "COMMANDER! THE ENEMY IS... Shambling towards us like they just shit their pants!"
mom why is ironman having a heatstroke
ghana superpower by 2020
*"i Am IrOn mAn!" heard in extremely distorted voice*
I see wakanda has started sharing it's technology with the rest of Africa
FYI none of this has to do anything with the Ghanaian Army. These wacky concepts are coming from a local priest/business mogul called Kwadwo Safo who owns a set of companies called Katanka Group, and hosts these "technological expos" where these things are showcased. Guy is a complete fraud btw, he boasts how his company made Ghana's first indigenous cars (and CNN actually believed him...), even though the cars were designed and manufactured in China and you can literally buy them on Alibaba (a German news report found out their "assembly buildings" doesn't even have electricity). Since the cars are (on paper at least) imported as parts in the country, its a good bet that this circumvents local import tariff laws. Katanka forever
Yeah, he's just a little esoteric. Executive Summary Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka is a mysterious but great man to have surfaced on the earth. He is a preacher, inventor, innovator, Physicist, Chemist, Biologist, agriculturalist, philanthropist and the Star of Africa. He is the world’s greatest multi-dimentional scientist and technologist of all times and has carried out the greatest philanthropic activity in Ghana. He funds all these exercises with revenue from his numerous investments. He is also the founder of the Kristo Asafo church, Great KOSA network of companies and many other institutions. His mission is to redeem Africa from bondage. Fountain built by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo. Brief veracity: First African to manufacture engines, vehicles, aircrafts and heavy-duty machines (he did so manually). First man in the world who manufactured Bass guitars with seven strings The manufacturer of gadgets and machines with extra-ordinary features. Only man on earth capable of producing metals from sea shells and palm husk making metals renewable. Only individual on earth who practically cuts across the length and breadth of invention and innovative science. Most mysterious man on earth. It is practically impossible to comprehend his level of wisdom.
A modern day Count of Saint Germain.
Holy fucking shit this guy makes North Korean leaders look humble.
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