• AGDQ speedrunner says he’s been banned due to a sexual harassment claim
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The following few messages show cdgexe and Mari talking about cuddling. An hour later, she asks if he would be open to having sex with her, with some restrictions. Cdgexe then opted not to share the rest of their conversation “out of a mutual respect.” It’s unclear what happened once Mari arrived in Rockville, Maryland for AGDQ, which kicked off on Jan. 6. Cdgexe was clear that he did initiate some kind of sexual interaction with Mari, but said that he respected her boundaries. “We cuddled one night, slight escalation, and we stopped and separated the next day,” he tweeted, then retweeted a message that said he “kicked her out” of his room afterward. https://twitter.com/GetAHandBreezy/status/1083648716802805765 Hm...
the whole situation is pretty fucked, seemingly both of them have...issues to contend with (he says he has a condition where he needs to cuddle in order to sleep. like, what?) and the woman obviously rushed into something that was a bit over her head. but its pretty dumb that they banned him without even bothering to look into it further. as far as i had read nothing sexual ever happened, and she was consenting the whole way up until the 2nd day (which is fine i suppose...), and i think it was fair for him to revoke his end as the whole thing was basically a prostitution, no? just seems to me like she claimed harassment to get back at him for that, which ultimately worked. in the end though both of them are pretty fucked up.
this guy seems like a freak jfc
Regardless of the merit of the accusations, it makes him look predatory to basically strand her as punishment for not sleeping with him.
What is wrong with speedrunners
It looks like he did it after she reported him and he was banned, which seems like a fairly appropriate response if his claim is legit and she did it out of spite. Kicking her out of the room seems pretty scummy though.
If someone made false sexual harassment claims against me, if this went down like it's did, you can bet your ass I wouldn't pay for that return ticket. The only thing that was out of order was booting her out, but that's no crime.
It gets worse: https://twitter.com/Pika_Rae_/status/1083913733058019328?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1083913733058019328&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2F2%2Ftwitter.min.html%231083913733058019328
https://twitter.com/Pika_Rae_/status/1083698424736817152 all of that plus this interaction, fuck this dude
This shouldn't be news, this group looks like it has the emotional baggage of a brony event and these chats are making me cringe to hell. I'm gonna listen to some Ben Shapiro to try and forget I gave this thread the time of day.
absolutely unsurprised that you're a shapiro fan also unsurprised that you'd bitch about a sexual assault story getting coverage
The only assault that took place in this thread is the assault on my eyes after reading through these cunts bitch at eachother through twitter.
sounds like you're a big fan of invoking "the implication"
I too like to listen to Ben Shapiro whenever I wanna kill enough brain cells to forget something.
Do you think you could take time out of your busy day to teach us all to be as cool as you?
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I'm currently posting from the ambulance covered in bandages from all of the lacerations this post gave me, thank you for the informative advice.
umm okay guy who posts bait articles using sensationalizing language to confirm your biases about the things you don't like and run away like the coward you are once people call out your bullshit lmao
I don't think being banned for 2 days and posting the sources on discord quite constitutes as running away.
I agree with Resonant and you guys against him are just proving his point. Everyone involved are clearly toxic people and they all have fucking issues and need to sort their lives out, it's pathetic.
Lmao what a coward
what the fuck did this turn into
This guy is a fucking asshole. I hope his ban stays.
Back on topic guys.
The whole situation is pretty fucked tbh. The full logs in time order of their chat are still here Looks like she was very DTF on chat when he was paying for her tickets, [stuff happened when she got there] and she wanted to sleep on the floor, he kicked her out and tried to make himself to be the sole victim because 'he cant sleep without cuddling someone/something breathing due to insomnia' (wtf lol), she reported him for sexual harassment (Although its not clear what for, for kicking him out or if anything else went down which wasn't explained) Second to that she's banned for 2 years because she was trying to go into the event using a pass from last year, before it came out he started messaging his ex or whatever to try and explain that he did all of this (Let her come to the event without a valid pass) to get her banned so that his ex could come again with him?? and the whole thing was just a ruse. tl;dr he's a manipulative sociopath, paid for her to go under the pretense of sex, kicked her out of the room because they started getting intimate and she withdrew her consent and wanted to sleep on the floor instead, cancels her plane tickets home after she reports him. What is sad is that on most threads on Reddit I have seen on this a lot of people are focusing the hate on her because either 'she manipulated him for free tickets under the pretense of sex' or 'he paid for the room so he has every right to kick her out if she refuses to sleep with him because its his rules' one is a wild assumption of what happened and the other is just disgusting/is literally sexually predatory.
Granted this dude is an asshole and definitely has his own share of the blame, this is a real thing. If I don't hear breathing I have trouble sleeping, it's the only reason my dog is allowed to sleep on my bed.
Fair enough, edited it a little to be less insensitive as he did say he has a service dog, but if it is true in his case still doesn't seem too relevant to the whole situation/what he did, but again nobody knows what happened in the hotel room between them and what she actually filed a sexual harassment claim for so
Facts, I've had to have noise since I was a kid. I'm a big fan of having people come over even if we just chill and pass out because i sleep like a fucking baby with a human body next to me. Sure this guy's a dick but the fact people are targeting exclusively him is pretty indicative of a culture where we try to find every excuse for the 'delicate' one while refusing to give the other party the same consideration. This is just a stupid situation caused by stupid people. She tried to play a game and he was playing a different one and they both only got drama for it.
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