• 88% Of Electric Car Owners Won’t Return To Internal Combustion-powered Cars.
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A study by electric vehicle YouTube channel Fully Charged found that 88 percent of plug-in car drivers said they would definitely not switch back to fossil fuels after having owned an electric vehicle (EV). Seven percent of those quizzed said they were not sure whether they would turn back to internal combustion, while the remaining five percent said they would consider making a return to petrol- or diesel-powered cars. ... Of those that did not already own electric vehicles, a third (33 percent) said the cost was limiting, while 16 percent bemoaned a lack of home charging infrastructure and 11 percent complained of a lack of availability of electric cars. Just nine percent said they were concerned about the range that could be achieved by modern EVs. Fully Charged says the survey was the largest ever survey of electric car drivers and clean tech enthusiasts ever conducted, with more than 7,700 people quizzed. https://insideevs.com/electric-car-owners-wont-return-to-gas/ Potentially biased audience for the survey but interesting nonetheless.
What I want before I make the switch to electrical cars, is the ability to purchase replacement components to fix my own vehicle. I don't feel like paying a premium to have some schmuck do it for me when I could get it done myself in the span of an afternoon. I also believe it's going to take longer for the aftermarket for electrical cars to be a good alternative to OEM components.
To be fair - I love the performance you get out of EVs like the Model 3 Dual Motor and how it's generally cheaper to run fuel wise but I'd also stick with my classic muscle cars. Really can't get rid of that V8 bug - hence why I intend to have both my classic muscle cars AND an EV! .
Here in the UK it's not just "generally cheaper to run fuel wise" it's a bloody shit load cheaper to run all the time. Probably not much different than ordering any other OEM parts for most manufacturers?
I'd argue that that should probably be law.
I think the only limiting factor for me at this point would be the recharge time for the EV's, this is offset mostly by the convenience of recharging your car at home but I think it could still get annoying.
Also not very good if you don't have a garage to store your car in.
Yea I agree. I want my next car to be electric and while normal house charging even on 120v is fine for me given how little I drive, if I wanted to go further than my range was what are my options. I assume right now the charging speed is limited by the battery and or electronics in the car versus the charging stations. Most faster options are 100Kw right now, yea? Tesla being the fastest at like ~150? So about a 80% charge in half an hour or something.
I'm really surprised any of them said they would go back to combustion engines. It's like saying "yeah I like this car, but I wouldn't object to going back to a horse."
no, it's not like saying that at all.
It's important to note that EV owners would most likely consider all the factors, like charging station infrastructure and daily mileage, and weigh all the benefits before choosing to own an EV over an ICEV. This means that the statistic only applies to that subset of the population but not the population at large.
Honestly, if I could get a car or compact truck with an EV powertrain but none of the fluffy tech infotainment forced into every new car today I'd be happy. I'm talking regular car EV, working man early 2000's Ford Taurus with full electric power train. I wish I had kept my old Ranger just so I could do a conversion on it one day. My 2017 Mazda is as base level as you can get but it is still filled to the brim with junk and the system takes forever to load.
No problems charging my Leaf outside everyday for almost two years now.
There was a time in my life where an EV probably wouldn't work for me, because I was driving 450 miles every weekend. Today, I probably could do it because I live 5mins from the office, but I'd still be nervous about driving across the state or to a national park
The former scenario is probably better for an EV as you'd be saving money, and that type of mileage shouldn't be a problem for more recent EVs (except the Leaf).
Wish I could afford any car, electric or not
Honestly, if I had the time/money/shop-space, I'd convert my Bronco II to electric.
That doesn't surprise me one bit. We're still in the early adopter phase of EV sales and the only people buying these things in the first place are people who already decided that they specifically want a BEV. Your typical office drone that stumbles half-asleep into a dealership and buys the first generic $20,000 slab of sedan the sales guy can finance him for isn't gonna care what powers the car. All they care about is whether or not it gets them from A to B and doesn't break down along the way. These buyers wouldn't even know the difference between the two and they're definitely not going to special order one from the dealership. So, yeah, I'd expect results like this from polls. The only people buying BEVs right now are the people who actively seek them out, so of course they're not gonna consider going back to good ol' ICE. If they wanted ICE they wouldn't have sought out a BEV in the first place.
I mean, people who have everything set up for proper tech, continue enjoying it. Although, I am still wondering if the EV infrastructure is sufficient for expansive EV growth, including things like emergency services.
have you driven an EV car? my dad is a roaring engine lover and has been a car fanatic his entire life, but he loves driving an EV because its very comfortable and it making no noise is like driving on a cloud; highly recommend actually trying one before continuing to be part of the problem
I hope I can own the car I've always wanted before EVs take over and become the norm at all price ranges.
Be prepared to have to deal with it though, you don't always get what you want.
Sure, it is what it is. I'll be really disappointed though, it's nothing garish and expensive. How long do we reckon? 10 years? I hope ICEs don't receive an outright ban after the fact at least. Maybe a special insurance and tax bracket to run them. IMO the solution should be to run the price of EVs down to the point where ICEs aren't an economically responsible option and are more for hobbyists. Similar to how high emission classic cars are run now.
I mean, I'd love to own a BMW E46, but I doubt I ever will, not because of Electric cars taking over but because they're pretty much only 2nd hand now and not cheap.
Until I can get an EV pick up that's affordable, with the power and range of a half ton Ford, and not half to worry about being able to charge it going somewhere I will probably still be on gas powered vehicles.
Tesla isn't the case and you know it, we had the EPCS car lock up on us for BODYWORK changes for fucks sake.
um good news! the range thing though is pretty moot over 200 miles though in my opinion as long as charging can do 80-90% of the battery overnight because if you're driving 200+ miles a day EVs are not for you, they just aren't.
BMW E46s are extremely cheap though. Did you mean a BMW M3?
Yeah, either M3 E46 or E46 M3, I have no fucking clue, I know the car though; turns out it isn't that expensive either, I dunno what I saw then that made me think it wasn't cheap.
Yeah, Tesla aren't the best at this but there's other manufacturers. Tesla are getting better though, they recently released a part catalogue and let owners order parts from it.
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