• Australian Holocaust survivors 'shaken' by 'Secret Hitler' board game
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"Based on the atrocities of World War II"? It's based on what happened long before WWII, and is not about any atrocity per se. It's a politics simulator.
Sounds like they haven't played the game, only seen the title.
Sounds like bullshit unless this person gets Holocaust flashbacks every time she reads the name "Hitler" on the Internet or anywhere. Literally the only reference to Hitler in the game is it's name.
Secret hitler is a left-wing game, for fucks sake. They made a special card pack that replaced all the germans with Trump and his cronies, and donated all the profits to the ACLU.
are there any positive reviews of people saying "I could hear ze zyklon B once again, flowing into the air, it was magical" ?
PTSD can be a serious condition.
that's no excuse for this behavior
Ah yes antisemitism is alive and well in this game that depicts the nazis as literal lizards
It absolutely can and people react differently to it. "I started shaking, I literally saw the Holocaust flash in front of me. I felt as if there were Nazis about to storm into the store. I could barely look at the shopkeeper," she wrote in her complaint. I feel like this statement is way to dramatic and trying to be over the top. Almost in a fashion which tries to justify the feeling offended. I imagine this person was greatly offended, but I'm gonna take the whole "literally saw the holocaust flash before me" statement with a grain of salt. It fucking reeks of sensationalism.
That was a daughter of a Holocaust survivor. PTSD isn't hereditary.
I remember playing this on boardgame simulator with Doom and others a few years back.. really intricate but fun game.
I hold a record 7 wins as secret hitler, 3 of those wins were consecutive plays. It's a fantastic board game and this is a classic example of 'judging a book by its cover'.
Secret Hitler is a fucking fantastic board game.
Wow, that outrage is like, what, 2? 3? years late?
Some descendants of Jewish survivors want the SNCF (France's national railway company) to give them money as an apology for the use of their trains in the Holocaust, the victimization is crazy with some of them really. I would understand if it was coming from the actual survivors, but from their children? Those kind of stories don't happen everyday but god damn are they stupid.
they should have called it secret mao or something
headline says the game left "holocaust survivors" shaken but the first line of the article says it was children of holocaust survivors who were shocked and doesn't actually mention any holocaust survivors complaining about it. great journalism
I can only imagine what their reaction to this would be. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZM9-ZbBoAc
fun for the whole family
Imagine having to stoop this low just to be relevant, I get you want to complain about anything related to that time but its stupid to expect people to simply forget anything about the 1920-40's that isn't contained in a museum. Its laughable anytime someone tries to imply antisemitism is a problem here or even truly exists, stats show violent crimes are down against them and the amount of hate crimes that happen is in line with every other religion here yet I can't think of a single time anything about other religions/ethnic groups has made news in the same vein as this.
"I started shaking, I literally saw the Holocaust flash in front of me. I felt as if there were Nazis about to storm into the store. I could barely look at the shopkeeper," she wrote in her complaint. "I felt anti-Semitism alive. I couldn't wait to get out of there." this is indistinguishable from a /pol/ shitpost
Not only is this judging a book by its cover, the entire fucking point of Secret Hitler is to show how authoritarian figures can rise to power discreetly. It's a cautionary tale in playable form, for fuck's sakes. This is like saying that Maus is pro-Nazi. Or that The Handmaid's Tale promotes the domination of women by the patriarchy. Or that 1984 is an endorsement of newspeak authoritarianism. But ADC chairman Dvir Abramovich told AAP the game had unsettled Jewish people. "Everyone is revolted and disgusted that a board game bearing that name and revolving around Hitler, whose many victims live in Melbourne and in other cities, is being sold in stores here," Dr Abramovich said. "Anyone who suffered under Hitler, or lost families at the hands of the Nazis, would not find this playful and amusing." The irony that the game is about finding and ousting fascists before they can elect Hitler and Captain Snowflake here is claiming to speak with the authority of Hitler's victims and saying that this important lesson about how Hitler came to power is damaging to their feelings and needs to be suppressed. The game is about preventing the fascists from gaining power and the children of real fascist victims are supposedly working to stop it because they're scared of the word "Hitler". Imagine if allied soldiers in WW2 had been too scared of the word "Hitler" to fight in Europe. Fucking hell this is so dumb
Just make an Australian game where you back stab other political members. An event many Australians are far too familiar with
Excuse me mate, have you not played Assassin's Creed? Get your facts right
Also, Max Temkin, one of the creators, is Jewish so uhhh
Monetary jewparations won't solve jack squat. If anything these descendants are only furthering the stereotype of Jews being only interested in money. I could see the SNCF building some monument or plaque to remember the past and avoid it happening again, but money? If they just want money is because they don't really care about what their grandparents suffered and only want some quick bucks. Regardless of if they are jews or not, these kind of people make me sick.
Your phrasing is showing some uncomfortable true colors, mate.
I was Hitler in my first two games and went 2-0 as well. It was funny the first time, it was downright hilarious the second time. Seriously, Secret Hitler is a blast.
Isn't the point of the game to literally stop Hitler from rising to power? "I started shaking, I literally saw the Holocaust flash in front of me. I felt as if there were Nazis about to storm into the store. I could barely look at the shopkeeper," This sounds like a bad meme.
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