• Logan Paul faces backlash after saying he will 'go gay for a month'
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https://news.sky.com/story/logan-paul-faces-backlash-after-saying-he-will-go-gay-for-a-month-11605406 What
implication of homosexuality being a choice/phase
It's merely another attention whoring plot Best to ignore the stupid idiot
"Logan Paul continues making money for Youtube by saying/doing stupid things" At least Pewds is self-aware about it now.
Can we start shaming people again? And I mean really shaming them?
I'm still surprised the suicide forest video didn't end his career on the spot. I'm disgusted in him for being an awful human being, and Youtube for giving this piece of trash money.
it's his choice i don't understand this if someone said they'll dress as a woman it's their choice just because logan paul is in it doesn't make it a big deal
I wouldn't ignore him if it actually did anything against that fuck. Motherfucker even shows kids gambling is ok.
gambling is everywhere
He's not doing this because he thinks he's gay. He's doing this because all he cares about is clicks and money. And I bet you he gives as little of a shit about LGBTQ+ people as he does about suicide victims.
then it's just more of the same logan paul. except it isn't a big deal.. he is only exploiting himself
The worst thing you could do with this guy is give him attention it's like his only reason for being is to shout at the camera, scam children and be a fucking cyclone sucking your brain cells away when you hear that he has done something else retarded and stupid.
Logan Paul has a young audience and using his influence to teach them you can easily go in and out of homosexuality is not good.
they constantly give him attention now
Two January's in a row... wowza.
i didnt know you could get a free trial for being gay
he makes youtube videos not a teletubby program. nowhere have i seen that he aims his content squarely at under 11s.
on one hand if he's doing this for the cynical reason this is a very stupid, ignorant and exploitative way of mis-pandering to LGBT for attention and support on the other, if he's genuine, then this is a very stupid and insecure way of being in denial about your bisexuality with a no-homo timeslot so you can tell people you're straight or convince yourself you are
i don't understand this mystery box saga either, the children are not making a living
you throw a whole lot of defensiveness for this guy for someone who's never seen anything of his
people already knew he's ignorant and stupid, it's not new information so really this "backlash" is so pointless.
you have majority on posts in this thread so far so like nearly every other post
he aims his content at pre-teens and younger teenagers. He made his money notably by aggressively pushing his merch to a young demographic that's too dumb to see through it. There's whole videos about this whole shit, put it some basic research into it.
Being gay isn't a choice just like you can't choose to be black. He's insinuating and spreading to his audience that being gay is a choice which it is not, the idea that homosexuality is a choice is what homophobes like to spread since it rolls into their idea that homosexuality can be spread to other people, something that has and still does put homosexuals in danger. But I guess we'll soon see what he says on his podcast about this.
Big enough to make multiple posts defending him though.
what aggressively... people click to watch his videos. the onus is on the teenager to not be gullible enough to see what logan paul really is. i am not going to sit here and get angry at him all the time that teenagers and media still give him attention. quite frankly it's just obsessive nonsense of the modern era. i went into his channel and there is no video about him saying he is going gay, you have to deliberately go through his platform and be bothered enough to do this.
you can't really expect teens not to be gullible, there's a reason why they aren't legally allowed to make big boy adult decisions for themselves yet
not just that but a lot of his videos he's surrounded by them, especially in ones that were directed by him like his music vids he even had a disney deal at one point before doing some dumb shit
Him and his brother are REALLY grasping for views and attention lately huh?
Did you miss the part where Phillip Clapp is using shtick, and that Johnny Knoxville is a stage name/characterized persona? There's a big difference
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