• A toddler fell into a well in Spain; rescuers can't reach him, and his parents n
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https://www.lavanguardia.com/sucesos/20190118/454192450793/georradar-encuentra-hueco-15-metros-tapon-pozo.html A geo radar finds a space under the current mud tap where the kid might be currently.
I mean honestly why is this being set up as "Cave Rescue 2.0"? If the kid really fell down there, they're not gonna be found alive. That article above mentions a "gap" 15 meters down, where the boy could theoretically be. But it's, you know, still 15 meters down, and I seriously doubt a 2-year old would have much of an ability to slow itself down in that boring hole. It's also been 5 days, and 15 meters down it's probably gonna be around 10 degrees constant - 2-year olds don't exactly deal well with low temperatures, and especially not 2-year olds who haven't had water or food for five days after falling down a well. Am I missing something? I can't see any way this story doesn't have a bleak ending, and I can't see why A) So many resources are being used on this and B) Why this story isn't being publicised so heavily. Of course I wish that I am wrong, and that more optimistic people than me are gonna be redeemed, but this just seems foolish to me.
I mean what do you want them to do? Plug the hole with a gravestone?
I think there's a bit of a ground to cover between "Don't do anything" and "Make a highly publicised super sized rescue operation". Maybe tell reporters that there's nothing to see here, that the child is most likely dead, and that they will attempt to retrieve the body. But I mean I haven't gone to the hole itself, so if anyone can shine some light on why we should expect anything but the worst outcome, please go ahead.
I think the idea was to get to him on time, but there have been a massive number of setbacks that have made it impossible, at least if he's dead having a body will confirm that it was just an accident.
It's not just the fall, the hole has no air circulation whatsoever. You can't survive at the bottom of a deep hole like that for long since the oxygen is gonna run out. Zero chance of the kid being found alive, even if he survived the fall with no injuries somehow.
I think there'a a unique opportunity (or excuse) here to give many people the resources and training for disaster recovery scenarios. It's a real scenario at its most extreme, the likes of which you would never convince a company to spend money on without a real human risk on the line. It's useless beyond body recovery now; we know this. However in five years from now when some other disaster strikes, what's to say one of the people involved here won't be around to say "I have experience with this" and actually save the day?
I mean that’s about the best excuse I’ve heard. Thanks for the input.
There's no happy ending to this story. I can't imagine how scared the child was. The parent's must be devastated.
If they even survived the fall, I'm not sure they'd be conscious after almost certainly hitting the walls of that well the entire way down. Fuck, this whole thing is just deeply unpleasant.
I can't imagine the child survived. I keep checking back to see any updates.
The workers are a few metres away from the area they believe the corpse to be in. Shouldn't take too long anymore for retrieval. The workers are wearing oxygen masks btw.
Spanish rescuers recover body of toddler who fell in deep well |.. They found his body.
"El Pais reported that the couple had lost Julen's older brother, Oliver, when the three-year-old suffered a heart attack during a walk on the beach two years ago." Jesus fucking christ, that's just awful. What a horrific thing to happen to a young family.
It was a fast death apparently, Spanish news report the position of the body indicates he hit the bottom at great speed after a 70 or so metre free fall. At least he didn't suffer much.
That's extremely sad. Good to know he didn't suffer or starve down there, as grotesque it is to say.
Honestly if I had to experience losing two children in such tragic deaths I'm not sure if I could have any motivation left to stay alive. I hope the parents are able to deal with their loss and/or get the help they need.
Apparently they are investigating the parents now because the well was supposed to be sealed off and the dirt blockage that avoided the rescuers to get him in time supposedly correspond to dirt from another place.
Is it not possible that the dirt blockage was the seal from the top of the hole? What if someone was lazy and just barely covered it instead of properly covering it and he fell straight through it?
Not implying anything, this is enough of a tragedy as it is, but several locals have said that the place was supposed to be sealed off properly, and that they checked not too long ago.
When I went hiking (or whatever you would call it) on a glacier in Iceland, our guide tethered me to his belt. I was about 9 or 10, and I wasn't too happy about this. That is, until he showed me one of the crevasses. They go down for a very long ways and a small child (such as me, back then) would fall for an extremely long distance, whereas an adult would get stuck maybe 20 or 30 feet down, due to their width. Needless to say, I was happy to be tethered to the guide after the explanation. Poor kid, that must have been the most terrible way to go. Like all of your worst fears coming true.
It was illegally sealed, because you can't seal boreholes with rocks, you are supposed to fill them.
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