• 10xx series cards will soon be out of stock completely acc to Nvidia CEO.
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https://www.techspot.com/news/78300-nvidia-ceo-gtx-10-series-gone-several-weeks.html So if you were looking at cheap 10xx cards, get them sooner rather than later.
So that explains why I was able to get an 8gb NVIDA 1070 FTW for $273
Where did you manage that because everywhere I look 1070s are still $350 and up.
Newegg and constant refreshing of r/buildapcsales
Thank God I managed to snag this 1060 a week ago.
I'm sure they did this to force people to buy their shiny new overpriced RTX cards, but they're just going to end up giving AMD more business. They're going to learn that customers won't buy overpriced hardware if there's another option out there, and this is the generation for AMD to teach them that lesson.
What happened to them having an abundance of stock due to overproduction from the crypto craze?
I thought they meant the crypto mining cards with no outputs
Team red wins again.
I went to a local Fry's Electronics warehouse and the only cards they had were old 1050s and new 2080s even the ATI cards were out of stock. If they did overproduce chances are retailers that got them are mostly online ones.
Slickdeals and CamelCamelCamel are also really helpful. I got my EVGA B-Stock GTX 1080 for $300, Seasonic Focus+ 850w for $70 and Corsair 450D for $55 off of Slickdeals alerts. The 1080's sold out in an hour or so, some models in less than that. The 450D's deal was a Lightning Deal that lasted all of about 7-10 minutes.
Welp, looks like i'm upgrading much sooner than i expected to. Good thing I have a younger brother who already wanted a new graphics card, so I can sell him my current GTX 1060 3B.
I bought a "like mint" EVGA 1080 FTW ACX for $400. Glad I did that.
I am so glad AMD seems to be doing well so I don't have to tolerate Intel/Nvidia's bullshit for now.
What a joke, it's a clear tactic to try and force people onto the newer RTX cards. Hell, the VERY DAY that RTX went on sale, every retailer and e-tailer around me here (Australia) went from full stock of 10xx cards to OUT OF STOCK or DISCONTINUED. Just a big old sham, load of shit.
RX series is fine for replacing the 1030 (RX 550)/1050 (RX 560/570)/1060 (RX 580/590) and can even outperform those cards. The higher end is kind of a mess because if you want to go with AMD you're going to be stuck with Vega 56/64 which just isn't that great a deal unless you find them on sale.
Understatement of the year. The 2080 performs marginally worse than a 1080 Ti and has less VRAM. The 2080 Ti also costs about $500 more than the 1080 Ti did. I wonder why you can no longer buy 1080 Ti's new. 🤔
Aint that the truth. The 1080 Ti's here were around $1,000 average, the 2080 Ti is $2,000 average... literally double the cost for absolutely NOT double the result. And to add to it that they instantly, artificially, discontinued the 10xx line AND that now 20xx stock is basically gone (I just checked, not a single 2080 Ti in stock at any of my local places)... it's a real shit show. I'm not an Nvidia guy, haven't been since the GeForce 5000 / 6000 era, but man this would drive me absolutely fucking insane if I was in the market for something PRACTICAL and affordable.
Really considering picking up a 1060 6GB from a miner rig, especially now when the price is pretty low.
Yeah I feel like 2xxx is just 1xxx with that rtx gimmick slapped onto it, last I heard it wasn't very good like physx anyway.
Man I've wanted to pick up some used 10XX cards but how Nvidia does business makes me want to stick with AMD.
I bet you they recall and destroy a lot of stock just so it isn't there, making people spend double what they would otherwise on the new stuff
Every reviewer pointed out how essentially the 10 series cards put out the same performance as the RTX cards for less (GTX 1080ti = RTX 2080 etc etc), and NVIDIA reacts by going "WELL YOU KNOW WHAT, NOW YOU CAN'T GET 10 SERIES CARDS ANYMORE, BUY RTX INSTEAD!!!" I would if they weren't so damn pricey, NVIDIA. Ray tracing is nice and I can't wait until it becomes the norm in the future, but at the current cost of around half your framerate even with specialized hardware for it, it's not worth it right now. Can NVIDIA or AMD just come out with a series GPUs that's a clear improvement over the generation NVIDIA has had out for about 3 years now? I want to upgrade my GTX 970.
So glad I got my 1070 Ti right around Christmas. I bought like the 3rd to last in stock for the Cerberus cards on Newegg. Only paid $360 which was awesome.
sadly i don't think amd's offerings are really that great right now the timing for them to capitalize on people who don't want to be early adopters for DXR is great but at least imo their lineup could be better navi when
Your loss. I was considering an RX 570 anyway.
Glad I got my like new 1070 from Micro Center for 300.
Still running my EVGA 1080 SC in my late 2016 build. I didn't pay the best price ($654), but I was able to pick it up before the crypto clusterfuck made things difficult. Hopefully it continues to truck on for a few more years. I even added the aftermarket thermal pads back during the overheating VRM scare these cards had.
I'd imagine this has less to do with Nvidia wanting people to adopt their RTX cards and more as a way to prepare for the RT-less 11XX series (or whatever the hell they're going to be called. Rumor has it that one will be named the "1660 Ti" lol), as continuing production of the Pascal cards after that would probably prove to be a futile investment.
a day late but not really vega 64 is still shit unless you want a blower card (400$) and if you dont, it'll cost 100$ more on average, and for cheaper than that you can get a 2070 for better performance not to mention theres the 2080, 1080 ti, and 2080 ti that amd isn't even close to, and their new unreleased card isn't going to compete with anything if you're going for good middle of the road very little will beat a vega 56 or rx 580/590 if budget, but for the real 'high end' nvidia has no competition yet, unfortunately
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