• SAS member helped secure Nairobi hotel complex when he was out shopping
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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/16/sas-member-helped-secure-nairobi-hotel-complex https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/sas-hero-who-stormed-kenya-13865997 Original Source may be the mirror, but the photos seems to tell the story, you wouldn't see the Kenyan forces carrying such gear. Plus here's an unblurred one found on reddit: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113069/9f2ac36c-518b-4254-805a-3a5c918093c5/image.png
Looks kinda like a male IQ from R6S.
Yo. Is that Soldier holding a G36c lmao
Its a skorpion smg
Looks like a Scorpion Evo. Which actually kind of confuses me more. Apparently the Kenya police do field them though https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CZ_Scorpion_Evo_3
Looks like a Scorpion actually. Also what makes it funny?
Even though it isn't a G36c, what's wrong with that?
Kinda peculiar for a brand new Czech 9mm carbine to be in service in Kenya? That's all I can imagine, but I'm saying that as devil's advocate -- my country fields the G36C.
The reason he had gear at the ready was because he alongside US Navy SEALs were training local forces.
In order of who you don't fuck with it goes: IRS, Postal service, SAS.
If you're scientology, you beat the IRS. So...
The IRS wouldn't be hardcore enough to have a full squad take turns putting a bullet in dead hostage takers to guarantee that they're 100% dead during a rescue operation.
More like SBS, SAS, IRS
The arms trade will sell to anyone where they can and several nations around the world seem to think that by having the "latest therefore greatest" in firearms makes your willy the bigglyest. If it's in the hands of a poor nation odds are they only have five or so of the damn things. Based on what some people I know have told me, this goes on all over the world all the damn time even in first world countries, every fucktarded concept or production gun you ever saw was sold to some easily wowed military type who should never have been within 20 paces of a budget form but fuck there they are and now we have the Octor-Kramer S397 Future infantry fighting weapon appearing on that one National-Geographic channel show next week with the insufferable overly enthusiastic host.
If I'm reading this correctly, he's an SAS trainer that's deployed there specifically to train these guys? I mean this is cool and all but no shit he'd hop in to lend a hand, even if he's on personal time it's not that crazy he'd ditch his errands for a bit to help the forces he's sent there to train. Again don't get me wrong this is operator af but I'm kinda surprised by the headline
When he arrived in the hotel he started organising the entire operation, directing the police and army. "Then he went in there on his own to neutralise the enemy and rescue the hostages. "His actions certainly saved many lives and shows the manner of these men, who are extremely brave and always ready." He went well above what he was expected to do. He actually responded without being called on, helped police/army organize, set up a plan of action, and began executing that plan. He helped save a lot of people in conjunction with police/army. You have to imagine what that could do for morale as well.
I find it kinda funny you list postal service. But I see your reasoning.
He’s probably making a crack about its reliability issues.
Right, but those issues are only with a particular batch of faulty ammo or by firing far more than is recommended for any firearm in a single engagement.
Y'all are wrong, it's a C8 Carbine. Read the articles. The weapon he is seen clutching is a Diemaco C8 Carbine - standard issue for Special Forces soldiers. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/239718/9c474ba0-2411-48bb-baf3-7f43ae2f02fd/image.png Literally a Canadian M4, and looks as sexy as one.
They're talking about this guy https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/926/4b8c0feb-5af0-4cfa-b10b-2e1166d329ab/image.png
They're talking about the guy on the rightside of the picture.
Wrong guy, talking about the corner camper under 24 hour CCTV recording.
Gg, my mistake, sorry. That's a skorpion definitely.
SAS man is very alluring. It's hard to take your eyes off him.
whew you guys take your guns seriously
you forget this is facepunch, where the only thing we care about more than guns are gasmasks
the upper class/CBD area of nairobi has some really aesthetic architecture. Some parts look so much like Rome its uncanny.
Totally unrelated but I have legitimately had three stress dreams about this post in the wake of making it, thinking I called it Polish instead of Czech. Weird. Had to come back to confirm it.
You literally entered the thread to make fun of a specific gun being used, and then you call out others for... Correcting you..?
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