• Chebby to pull "Most Reliable" ads after Honda, Toyota & Ford challenges claims
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Chevrolet ad will stop airing after challenges by Ford, Toyota, .. God damn, whoever is the head of marketing at GM is a fucking retard.
I hate these damn Chevy commercials. Even Progressive started making fun of them (or probably trying to copy Mahk) https://youtu.be/mmRaqahbQbU And who can forget Mahk https://youtu.be/xTfS0nAgfuE
I'm not say Chevy's are awful or anything, but trying to say you are better than TOYOTA in reliability? Real fucking ballsy there Chevy.
Too bad they are awful these days. I do like thier NOT ACTORS, REAL PEOPLE commercials, because they imply that actors aren't people.
Every time they make a new one you gotta wonder how these so called "real people" haven't heard of the Chevy guy at this point.
I agree, these commercials we're fucking awful and cringy.
Heres an idea chevy: you're only more reliable than german cars because you don't stuff as much stuff into them as they do. You can't break what doesn't exists.
https://i.imgur.com/DcQTuuo.png Who Makes the Most Reliable Cars? -- Pay wall
I like how that model reliability basically breaks down to the way people use the car. Ford's least reliable car is the mustang while meanwhile GM's least reliable is their 2500 pickup, and most reliable is the Yukon, even though that's the same fucking platform with a different body on it.
The problem with this thing is its a survey which means bias plays a part in how people will report problems with the car.
But at the same time, Mazda's least reliable car is the shitty CX-3 crossover thing, while their most reliable car is the sports car.
It's only because they didn't include Land Rover, Mini, or Jaguar. All of the "British" car brands are either elitist shit (Rolls), unreliable shit, or both.
Aren't a lot of the british brands on German platforms already on the list?
Jag and Land Rover are owned by the Indians, not the Germans.
Someone on reddit was one of the "real people" and posted his experience. They were basically told it was for a commercial and that was it, when it was time they were led to an empty hanger in the studio with no idea what to expect, then the lights come on and the camera is rolling and Chevy guy comes out and unveils the vehicle and says his lines. From there on there's one of two reactions, the common one is that the people stand there awkwardly because they don't know what to say or do so you just try to roll with it so you can get paid and go home. Then the other reaction is the over-the-top super eager guy who's looking forward to telling everyone that he's on national TV. Since he's so eager and positive, his reactions are used the most.
Where's the Toyota Hilux...
Mazda gang represent
this is the #1 reason I bought a Lexus Unfortunately it's saying the IS the least reliable but hey
How can Volvo be so far down the list?
Volvo is far different than it was in the 90s. After the 700 and 900 series, they slowly started to go down hill. They were sold, then sometime after the P2s they were sold again, now they make crap. Very pretty crap, but unfortunately still crap. The glory days of the Redblock's, reality defying physics, are gone.
They're all elitist unreliable shit lmao Literally any British car has a far superior Japanese/Korean/German counterpart, the only reason people buy them is because they somehow think the british badges are superior.
If I could I would have bought a Lexus. They hold there value well and replacement parts are cheap. I'm not sure about car maintenance compared to my Camry. Where I have to remove 3 fucking plastic splash shields to change an oil filter. https://youtu.be/yq2tPx9EHXk?t=23
plastic covers are really an expected thing on modern cars. The lexus would be even more annoying because they generally cover up everything in the engine bay other than the engine itself with plastic covers for soundproofing/aero/aesthetics/whatever
Yeah, that stuff is super common. My Fusion is very much flat underneath because of all the plastic covers. Its pretty much for aero and soundproofing, at least underneath. At least they are easy to remove though and hook in to hold themselves up.
The Lexus is actually pretty good, everything is relatively well organized and easy to reach unlike my last car (2003 Saab 9-3) where the entire front of the car had to be deconstructed to put in new headlights. The engine cover comes off extremely easily, no tools needed. A lot of the soundproofing itself comes from the fire resistant insulation on the bottomside of the hood
Not a huge Chev fan but if I absolutely had to get one it would be the 1500 or the Corvette. They seem to at least do those somewhat right. My uncle has had the 2017 and 18 Silverado and it's a decent truck.
Some of these adds are nonsense more than usual, I remember one that straight up was in a house that became a warehouse. Like what the fuck, you're telling me these people didn't know where they were?
Honda seems suspiciously far down on that list
Consumer Reports has every problem contribute to the overall score no matter how larger or minor. Hondas typically score nearly perfectly in mechanical scores, but some of their cars have had glitchy infotainment systems and spotty interior fit-and-finish.
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