• Chebby to pull "Most Reliable" ads after Honda, Toyota & Ford challenges claims
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okay yeah that makes sense, their UI design is absolutely horrible and barely works sometimes and their features like auto engine off are stupid and not at all user friendly but goddamn their cars last forever
Most reliable model Yukon My Yukon is a massively unreliable piece of shit. Fite me cunt.
Hey, some early P2's had some transmission wonk and I'm not sure if the AWD memeshit ever got solved but as far as I've experienced, the P2's have been (vaguely) good to me. Also, I'd go as far as to say other than a few minor things whiteblocks are probably only a step behind reds in terms of general reliability.
this is an extremely biased and unfair model of measuring what cars are the most reliable
Oh I know, they didn't just drop off, but there is enough wrong with the P2 platform to consider it the start of their decline. P3s are pretty as hell, but fuck ever even thinking of owning one.
I really just wish they, however improbable of it happening, had went full ham on the dad wagon niche and done like a proper longitudinal engine setup with either rwd or a proper awd setup. Had they done that a lot of other minor shit probably could have been dealt with such as a far far improved turning angle / radius as well as never having to speak the cursed word "haldex" ever again.
If the V70R was a rear bias AWD system that wasn't haldex, I'd be all over that fucking thing. I like the engine, despite some reliability concerns, and I love the way they look and feel. Honestly the real issue Volvo always seems to have is everything behind the engine. Most of their transmissions are fucking trash, then they go with the haldex AWD. Meanwhile Whiteblocks are great, and Redblocks have graced this cursed land with their beauty and grace.
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