• Scientists reveal 'ideal diet' for peoples' and planet's health
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Looks like I'll be learning the art of animal husbandry.
For me it's 1 cup of morning coffee with condensed milk and then water all day, all week. If I get too tired (usually after 36-40 hours of fast) I eat 1 sweet potato and if I'm feeling extra fancy I make myself a small bowl of miso soup. Am I saving the planet enough?
how the FUCk are you alive
LONDON Scientists have unveiled what they say is an ideal diet for the health of the planet and its people - including a doubling of consumption of nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes, and a halving of meat and sugar intake. So... Nothing that we didn't already know, then. The tricky part will be getting people to change their habits, as always.
what the fuck how do you do that?? especially in a place like vietnam?
I dunno if it's maybe a cultural thing but when I lived in the UK every evening meal was served around meat. If you had a meal not involving meat people would look at you funny unless you said you were vegetarian. I remember having gone to a faculty dinner with some friends and a lot of them complained that there was no meat for the main course.
It's the same thing in France, to be honest. I think a lot of western countries are used to eating meat in every meal.
Starving yourself won't save the planet. We need people alive to do their part to fix it. Start eating and get some essential nutrients that I'm sure you are severely lacking before you end up having major health issues.
Drink lots of water. I'm not bullshitting. Whenever my stomach growls at times like 7-8AM, 11-12AM and 5-6PM, I know I'm not actually starving and just promptly say "Fuck off ghrelin, I don't need you right now" then drink more water. Have something to focus on (doing work, study, draw, etc) and whenever you take a short 30s break, water. I always have 2 litres of water next to me before starting the day, this is to compensate for the water from the food one would normally have. Also I don't know what you mean by "especially in a place like vietnam" but you can do fast and prolonged fast anywhere. Actually, consult a doctor first before doing it, I don't have any medical records of my blood sugar level going crazy so I can go ~60 hours without food and still a-ok.
But you need various microelements and vitamins, how do you not have deficiencies?
This may sound insensitive but are you sound kind of walking talking sentient tree?
The fact that someone has to say what the ideal diet that's been known since the dawn of time is pretty sad.
Should we start a gofundme so you can buy some food?
Now that you mention it, I have no idea either. But I have none of the symptoms listed here I feel like I don't need to eat as much as I did before I started fasting, so maybe my body just get used to it overtime and requires less nutrients? At first I could only get to 18 hours fast, but that amount of time is built up gradually as I fasted more. I'm not exactly starving myself by the way, once I get the persistent headache or water doesn't seem to help, I stop the fast immediately.
I spend $76 each month on food, and yet it's from an expensive store. You may feel tired but if you eat the necessities, and once a day you can do it with enough discipline. Rice, meat, eggs, fruit, milk, water, etc can go a long way because you're still alive. But some months I decide for one day to eat whatever I want so I don't get bored, and that raises the price I usually pay. The reasons I do this is because before this I ate too much and gained lots of weight, and I need to go back to the state were I didn't need to eat a lot. It's also an economical reason because I live on benefits with lots of social support that costs a massive amount of money.
Sure, it's possible that you require less nutrients, but you still need some base-level amount of all the necessary microelements, vitamins and other necessary nutrients to keep your body healthy. You shouldn't Google things, you need to have a medical check-up with a doctor. Symptoms can be unapparent, so the only way to know is if you get your blood and urine sampled.
Take that paleo/keto fuckers
This is a terrible diet. High on carbs and low on protein, ideal to have a fat gut and twig limbs.
Lol of course Brazil says that
I'm sorry that your wildlife is not as edible as ours.
Mate we eat our crocs and kangas that's edible enough
given the differences between humans, it's certainly not the ideal diet at all (especially given its proposed as a global one). people have different genetic traits (some of which make this particular diet impossible), gut biomes, and numerous other factors which come into play. if this were actually implemented i doubt it would save lives or improve health. at a minimum there should be at least several "ideal diets" based on the persons geography, genetic history, and their own health circumstances.
I wouldn't exactly call cattle "wildlife".
Any animal is wildlife if you're city folk.
most people can tell the difference between farm animals and wild ones at least, they're not that stupid. Eating habits vary between cultures, and you know this well enough - what's tasty to one people might not be so for others.
It was a joke. We do eat almost as much meat as the US, but our numbers are fudged a lot due to people living in miserable areas with no access to food. We also eat more poultry than beef, I think.
I saw a picture of what they said was the "ideal" diet and frankly I'd rather they invest time and money into inventing better ways to keep current amounts of food sustainable and fixing the environment. GM crops, Carbon-neutral husbandry/meat in tanks, etc. I have a fast metabolism and the food they suggest for a day simply would not sustain me.
Vietnamese people are statistically smaller on average, therefore require less calories to fuel their energy needs.
Whoah what the fuck, I thought you were trolling. Do you at least eat normally when you're not fasting?
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