• Scientists reveal 'ideal diet' for peoples' and planet's health
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I mean its a really small serving size already so I guess she's good
@HumanAbyss Again, congrats on the weight loss. I don't know about the grain heavy diet you're talking about. Like I said before, my plate is probably only 25% wholegrains. Actually thinking of it it's probably vegies/wholegrains/pulses in around a 50/25/25 ratio, with some occasional beer, icecream and cake lol. I also snack on fruits and nuts. It sounds like you come from a fat family so it makes sense that when you moved out of home you could take proper control on what you ate. I highly doubt you were eating in a healthy way while growing up, even though you say you were trying to lose weight since you were 13. It's hard to control what you eat when you're that age, especially when living at home. Man there's no way I could do.my current diet while I lived at home. Anyway my whole point I'm trying to get across, from my first post in this thread, is that wholegrains should not be demonised. I'm sorry that you were far as a kid and that your family is fat, but it ain't the fault of wholegrains, from what you've said there seems to be many other factors involved, including just plain old eating too much food.
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