• Chinese company forces employees to crawl on road as punishment.
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https://www.theweek.co.uk/99038/video-chinese-workers-crawl-in-the-street-after-missing-targets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMO31fXtYQE Video footage shows employees at a Chinese beauty company crawling along the street on their hands and knees after failing to meet targets. Pedestrians in Tengzhou, in the eastern Shandong province, are seen looking on in astonishment as half a dozen female workers and one man crawl along the street, led by a man carrying a flag bearing the company’s name. The firm reportedly sells beauty products, and the unfortunate employees had failed to meet their end-of-year sales targets. The crawl came to an end when police intervened. One of the women who participated in the punishment told local media that she did so voluntarily as “self-discipline” for failing to meet her targets, and said the other crawlers consisted of the company’s owners and other senior managers rather than junior employees. Nonetheless, the footage quickly went viral, provoking a “hot discussion” online. Many commenters lambasted the firm’s bosses for the humiliating stunt, but others “targeted the employees for silently accepting such kind of behaviour”. Local authorities said the company has been temporarily closed for “rectification”. English-language Chinese news and culture website Shanghai-ist notes that this is far from the first workplace punishment to go viral in China. Similar scandals have seen displeased bosses “slap or spank workers, as well as making them eat live mealworms, choke down bitter gourd, or drink toilet water for coming up with sub-par results”.
Never failing to find new lows
Make sure you have a big company flag out to everyone knows not to buy from that psycho company that made those people crawl around the street.
This is what would happen is companies had no laws against them.
It's funny how it takes the """"communist"""" country to show what end stage capitalism looks like
One of the women who participated in the punishment told local media that she did so voluntarily as “self-discipline” I don't buy this at all. It sounds more like "do it it you're fired, and if they ask - tell them you wanted to do this." I'm amazed the company thought this would be good, so far as to even carry a flag advertising the company. We've already seen 1 company "punish" their workers by forcing them to drink piss, and now this.
For the Working Class... Till you don't meet deadlines for the local officials company!
Local authorities said the company has been temporarily closed for “rectification”. Idiots.
nobody in china is for the working class besides saying they are, they aren't real communism by literally any definition of communism that wasn't specifically designed to encompass China and the USSR
So, you mean every definition of communism that conservatives and pundits love to strawman against.
Wasn't there a case like this recently where they were made to drink piss?
And by rectification, they probably mean letting the employers know they should do this behind closed doors where it cant get out to the world.
This is why I think Corporations are completely awful. They lack any humanity whatsoever, and the only thing stopping them from paying you pennies to torturing you is the fact that they're forced not to by regulation. If there were no regulations or cultural barriers to stop them, McDonald's would do this in a heartbeat on top of lowering your wages and forcing you to work double the hours.
Yeahhh.. everyone talks about the rise of China to the world's preeminent superpower, but with shit like this going on over there, let's not let it happen.
Because the threat of humiliation totally creates a healthy work environment. Fuck me sideways.
Ah yes, the Chinese's "mind your own business" mentality. They will manage their company however they like, since, well, rights are rightfully fucked up there. Nothing will happen outside of the company's internal politics.
China's having a bit of an identity crisis regarding that. Schools are still preaching Communism, while their work society embraces raw Capitalism. It's lead to problems when students try to practice what they preach. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/28/world/asia/china-maoists-xi-protests.html
its the latter. just like north korea.
I try to think of ways China's totalitarian state can ultimately collapse and I usually find that it's fairly difficult to find cracks in how much they crack down, but I assume that once they fuck up in too many areas people will hopefully, and naturally, rebel. One can dream.
The purest irony at play here makes for some good schadenfreude.
Fabs in South East Asia make you sign indentured servitude contracts (aka legal slavery) as a requirement to work at them, then they cut your wages and threaten to fine you 1 million if you leave. The idea that corporations responsibly self regulate is a joke
I honestly think we're many years away from China's collapse. Kick a dog enough times, it'll bite back, however I think we're only in the middle of China's descent into a ultra totalitarian state. And once they get bad enough, it'll be out of the hands of the citizens.
Unfortunately I think when that happens we're going to see a lot of Chinese people end up dying. A totalitarian state with no limits like that isn't going to think much of using force to put down dissent.
Should've done what some of the printer-companies I have worked for have done and just do some in-house hazing for the salespeople that do not meet their quota during the christmas party or something. /s
China's been like this for the past 2000 years. It's not going to change.
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