• Measles outbreak hits unvaccinated children in Washington county
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https://www.oregonlive.com/health/2019/01/vancouver-area-measles-outbreak-county-declares-public-health-emergency.html Clark County has declared a public health emergency in the wake of a measles outbreak that has sickened at least 19 people, 18 of them children. Clark County Council Chair Eileen Quiring declared the emergency Friday, the same day that the list of sites linked to the outbreak included a Jan. 11 Trail Blazers game at Portland’s Moda Center attended by 19,000 people. According to a news release by the county, the declaration allows the county to have access to additional resources outside the regional area. Eighteen Clark County-area children and one adult have the preventable disease, public health officials have confirmed, and seven more are suspected of having it. Sixteen of the confirmed cases are in people who haven’t been vaccinated. Clark County has one of the worst vaccination rates among all Washington counties, with just 77.4 percent of all public students having completed their vaccinations, according to state records.
Think of the children who involuntarily did not receive their vaccines. These children were put at risk by their parents. We really do deserve extinction
But think of the autism!
the only autists in this situation are the parents who decided not to vaccinate their children
That's unfair to people with autism. The parents are just plain imbeciles.
no sympathy for the parents if anything happens, honestly. they chose this i feel bad for the kid of course, they don't deserve this, but the parents? nah, they only have themselves to blame
Not exactly what I hoped to read about the counties I grew up in today.
77.4 percent of all public students having completed their vaccinations I didn't even think it could be this bad. I want to believe it's only straight up negligence and not this many people subscribing to antivaxx bullshit
Well it's clark county. So it's both.
Why are people so willingly stupid? We were living in a golden age not to long ago. No major issues, no big government problems, and then suddenly a huge fucking wave of stupid hit the world and now we're back to pandemics, believing the Earth is flat, and electing fascist governments everywhere. What happened to us?
Turns out foreign actors have been funding disinformation campaigns on elections and things like vaccination.
if you do not vaccinate your children (with exception to medical reasons), you should be charged with manslaughter if your child dies to a preventable disease, or passes the disease to another child
Criminal negligence would probably be a more suitable offence.
I'm autistic and I'd rather be that then these fuckups
haha! id rather have polio than autism! These stupid fucks have never lived through when polio was around, and I bet if they did they would vaccinate.
Feel like if the government were to force them, they'ld resist harder. I dunno how to solve this, guys. Plant a couple hundred of vaccinated kids in the area. Let herd immunity take effect.
Well here in Australia its mandatory if your child is to go to daycare or school. And they are going to also fine parents who dont. And it works.
Cops have no emotion.
Speak for yourself...
Well, that's fine if they want to kidnap kids from their families.
What about not seeing that to creating more morons into Anti-Vaccine movement, but yet again the original Anti-Vaccine activists and scammers really did this on themselves for this in next decade or something like that.
You know, considering this is America, how much does it cost to vaccinate, anyway? Specifically school required vaccines.
Well it's entirely unrelated regardless. Best not to give their view any support.
Nothing. This is just the result of said golden age making people care more about imaginary problems than real ones. People who never had to watch children die to disease can believe made-up allegations about vaccines causing autism. People believing the Earth is flat is a recent thing, it comes from the 19th century. People have understood the Earth being round for thousands of years, the only ones who did not were the same type of people who do not believe it today: Idiots worrying about imaginary problems instead of real ones. Eventually, people will wise up again. And when that happens, their children will not know the problems their parents faced and will create imaginary ones and all of this will happen again and again. Friendly reminder that the original picture had "zion" in the cops shoulders :V
Ah, I see, this is the version all the anti-vaxxers can comfortably share around without the big 'ZION' staring them in the face from those star of david shoulder patches
I think at this point - if the child did not consent to it directly, and its the parents saying "don't vaccinate my kids", it should be logged as child abuse. This is just getting ridiculous.
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